Ramiz Raja. (Image Credits: Twitter)

Former Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) chairman Ramiz Raja has called out Shoaib Akhtar for his derogatory comments towards Kamran Akmal and Babar Azam. He observed that such things would never happen in India and advised Akhtar to be a ‘human first’.

Akhtar grabbed the spotlight after he criticized Babar’s communication skills and asked him to be as big a brand as Virat Kohli. The Rawalpindi Express went on to mock Kamran Akmal’s English during a live TV program, specifically the pronunciation of the word ‘screen’.

Speaking on a local TV channel, the 60-year-old expressed his unhappiness at Pakistan’s former players mocking current ones, labeling Akhtar as ‘delusional’.

“Our former players degrade our cricket brand by giving delusional statements. You will never see that happening in our neighbouring country. You will never see Sunil Gavaskar criticizing Rahul Dravid. It only happens in Pakistan, where former players don’t let others do their job professionally.”

He added:

“Shoaib Akhtar is a delusional superstar. He also had an issue recently with Kamran Akmal. He wants everyone to become a brand, but it is more important to become a human first. First become a human and then a brand.”

When asked about Akhtar’s aspirations to become the PCB chairman, the former Pakistan opener feels he must first get a graduate degree.

Ramiz Raja was recently sacked as the PCB chairman

Najam Sethi is the current PCB chairman. (Credits: Twitter)
Najam Sethi is the current PCB chairman. (Credits: Twitter)

Meanwhile, Raja was sacked as the PCB chairman in December following the national team’s Test series defeat at home to England. Najam Sethi succeeded him in the role; however, he kept deeming him unfit for the same.

The cricket regime headed by Ramiz Raja @iramizraja is no more. The 2014 PCB constitution stands restored. The Management Committee will work tirelessly to revive first class cricket. Thousands of cricketers will be employed again. The famine in cricket will come to an end.

The 60-year-old also came under scrutiny for saying Pakistan will boycott the 2023 World Cup in India if India doesn’t come to play the Asia Cup in Pakistan. Fellow countryman Wasim Akram commented that one should not handle matters this way.

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