Dolph Ziggler needs this legend by his side to revive his career

WWE Superstar Dolph Ziggler has had a rather uneventful run as of late, with some people wondering whether it’s a sign that he could be spiraling downward in his career. But if WWE wants to revive Ziggler’s career, they need to bring back this personality.

AEW personality Vickie Guerrero recently announced that she is planning on leaving the promotion upon her contract’s expiry in July 2023, with Vickie herself even hinting on social media that a new journey is around the corner.

Vickie Guerrero has done a lot in AEW both on and off screen, working with the likes of Andrade El Idolo, Nyla Rose and Marina Shafir, as well as being cited as a “mother figure” by those in the women’s division.

Today a new journey begins… life is fulfilled with excitement and new opportunities🙏🏻

So if Vickie were to return, who could she have a storyline with? Naturally, the one who needs the most push is her former on-screen lover Dolph Ziggler. But what could Vickie Guerrero bring to Dolph Ziggler‘s career if she was to return? Quite simply, a will to get the job by any means necessary, an edge that Ziggler has been lacking for some time.

During their time working together at Stamford, Guerrero literally bent over backwards and more to get things to work in Dolph’s favor, resulting in him winning both the World Heavyweight Championship and the WWE United States Championship.

Titles have been sorely lacking from Dolph’s career in recent months, with his last reign as champion coming when he made a brief detour to NXT. But if he wants to taste gold on the main roster again, he might need someone like Vickie to be by his side.

Dolph Ziggler’s brother is currently working for AEW

If there is anyone else on the AEW roster who can potentially give Dolph’s WWE career a shot in the arm, perhaps there would be a no better option than his real-life brother.

The “Hollywood Hunk” Ryan Nemeth has been with AEW since 2021, and while he hasn’t had a lot of success in terms of wins and championships, he has gained a cult-like following online, thanks to his personality shining through on shows like Being the Elite.

Ryan Nemeth is my favorite part of Being the Elite

Nemeth even challenged Wardlow for the AEW TNT Championship in August 2022, marking the first time in Ryan’s All Elite Wrestling run that he’s had the chance to challenge for a title. Sadly, he was beaten in 91 seconds.

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