Despite already making several rounds of extreme cuts, Twitter CEO Elon Musk has laid off even more employees this weekend.

Tech website The Information first reported(Opens in a new tab) the company had laid off at least 50 people Saturday. The cuts were reportedly(Opens in a new tab) across different departments, including ad tech and technical infrastructure teams that help keep the site up and running.

ZoĆ« Schiffer, managing editor at Platformer, tweeted that they heard the cuts were “well above” 50 people and that the engineering team was hit by the layoffs. That’s of particular concern, considering Twitter has been increasingly glitchy and unreliable(Opens in a new tab) while being run by the skeleton crew remaining after Musk’s massive cuts.

Musk has laid off thousands of people since he paid $44 billion for Twitter. At least 70 percent of the previous staff is gone. The latest layoffs, The Information reported, are an apparent attempt to cuts costs amid a plunge in revenue under Musk’s leadership.

It’s been one cost-cutting measure after the next for Musk’s Twitter. Mashable’s Matt Binder wrote about how Twitter’s slowly degrading performance under all the penny-pinching, including the sudden loss of internal tools like Slack, the messaging platform.

The latest layoffs happened unexpectedly on Saturday and are the fourth set of layoffs to happen since Musk took over in October last year. New York Times reporter Kate Conger tweeted(Opens in a new tab) that, “some Twitter engineers are being locked out of their work emails and laptops tonight” and pieced together that it was a layoff. Schiffer, from Platformer, tweeted(Opens in a new tab) that the layoffs were especially surprising because it included folks they described as “hardcore Musk loyalists.”

Musk, meanwhile, kept shit-posting on Twitter as the layoffs went down. He retweeted a positive review(Opens in a new tab) of Woody Harrelson’s anti-vax SNL monologue, quote-tweeted a Babylon Bee tweet(Opens in a new tab), and posted(Opens in a new tab) dumb memes that looked like they were ripped from Facebook. Also whatever this is(Opens in a new tab).

Just another chaotic day for Musk’s Twitter.


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