There are many MBA universities around the world. No doubt, choosing a university for MBA is a very crucial and hard decision. But, we are here to make that decision easier for you. The USA is the epitome of many universities that are top-notch. Here is a list of the top universities for you to choose from:-
  1. Harvard Business School

About Harvard

  • Harvard business school is the business school of Harvard university. It is a private college in Boston, Massachusetts. Harvard business school is one of the best and famous business schools in the world.
  • The college offers full time MBA programs, management and executive studies. The college has the famous Baker Library.

Scholarship and Eligibility

  • Most of the students receive scholarships based on their needs. Almost 50% of students have received scholarships based on their needs. The university also provides scholarships of $42,000 and $84,000.
  • Eligibility for Harvard Business School is a degree from an undergraduate college. The college also provides equivalent programs like, three year bachelor programs.
  1. MIT Sloan School of Management

About MIT

  • MIT school of management is a top-notch school in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The school opened in 1941 and offers bachelors, masters and doctor degrees. The school is also home to many influential ideas in management.
  • The faculty here includes many John Bates Clark Medal and Nobel Laureates in economics winners.

Scholarship and Eligibility

  • MIT provides a scholarship of $25,000 to all veterans of the US military who clear the VA eligibility. They also provide 25,000 in VA funds. The eligibility of MIT is that the student must be in the final year of his/her undergraduate degree for MBA.
  1. Stanford Graduate School of Business

About Stanford

  • Stanford Graduate school is a branch of Stanford University situated in Stanford, California. The college has been peculiar to their candidates and in the past only admitted 6% of their applicants.
  • The college provides MBA programs, along with joint degrees in Earth Science, Education, Engineering and many more. The school was founded in 1925 and has around 114 faculty members.

Scholarship and Eligibility

  • Scholarship offers for Stanford are very hard to prevail and require high scores. In order to get a scholarship, one needs to score high and then the scholarship details are shared accordingly.
  • Eligibility for Stanford is again high and requires a good GMAT score. Stanford requires a high GMAT score of about 737 for the batches of classes in MBA programs. They require an average GPA of 3.78 out of 4.
  1. Columbia Business School

About Columbia

  • Columbia business school is part of the six Ivy League Business Schools in the world. It is also one of the oldest schools in the world. Founded in 1916 they only provided undergraduate degrees at the start.
  • Now, the school only provides professional and graduate degrees. The university has more than 130 faculty members. Most of whom are well-known faces in the academic world.

Scholarship and Eligibility

  • The business school provides half-tuition fees for scholarships to many students. These students can be domestic or international. The scholarships can be based on need or for a specific merit or criteria.
  • For an admission in Columbia, a degree from an undergraduate college or its equivalent from any accredited institution is necessary. Students are required to scan a pdf and send off all the degrees of under graduation and graduation they have done.
  1. University of California

About the University

  • The university is a research system based on land that is granted by the public. The university has ten branches and is rated one of the best universities in the world.
  • The faculty is also filled with people who have earned their name in the academic world. In 2021, there were more than 70 Nobel prizes won by the universities’ faculty.

Scholarship and Eligibility

  • The university is associated with Brian Maxwell Fellowship, under which students with an entrepreneurship drive are awarded financial aid. The scholarship depends on interviews and the degrees of the students.
  • They also provide Torres Family Fellowship that can only be used by California-born students who wish to pursue MBA. Another well-known scholarship program is Berkeley Hass Scholarship which supports and encourages LGBTQ+ community.
  • The university expects an at least score of 3.3 GPA and 680 score in GMAT. They also need work experience of at least five years and a score of 730 in GMAT.


Thinking about MBA college can be a stressful decision and requires great thinking. Choosing the right university to pursue your masters is important. The future of a student lies in that decision and must be taken with great research and care. There are many great colleges and universities for MBAs around the world. What we mentioned here are some of the best in the USA. There are many others around, but the mentioned universities are the best. Students are advised to research more about these universities and compare the options. They should consult and make the best decision for themselves.

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