An AEW star recently posted an interesting tweet

A major AEW star recently took to Twitter to seemingly take a shot at Tony Khan’s promotion in response to apparently being ignored.

The star in question, Dax Harwood, has proved himself to be one of the biggest names in the tag team scene alongside Cash Wheeler. The duo even held the ROH, IWGP, and AAA titles simultaneously last year, leading to 2022 becoming one of the best years of their careers.

FTR is currently on an extended leave after requesting Tony for a hiatus. Given that their contracts are due to expire this year in April, fans have already started speculating if they will stay with the promotion afterward. This has also seemingly led to them not being booked to win the All Elite World Tag Team Titles a second time.

However, Dax seemingly believes that AEW has already started ignoring them. Responding to a recent post by the company’s official Twitter handle, which showcased numerous Wrestling Observer Newsletter awards, Harwood drew attention to FTR conspicuously missing.

“Tell me April’s around the corner without telling me April’s around the corner,” Harwood tweeted.

FTR won the 2022 Tag Team of the year at the Wrestling Observer Newsletter awards, but All Elite Wrestling didn’t mention it in their tweets.

Dax Harwood previously spoke about his potential return to AEW before April

With FTR’s contract expiry inching closer this year, many don’t expect to see the duo back in action until April.

Speaking on the FTR with Dax Harwood, Dax Harwood stated that he was open to returning if he was asked by Tony Khan. He also revealed his admiration for the All-Elite president.

“I still have to take things easy, let my body and mind rest, recuperate and be ready for, if we come back before April, I would absolutely love that. If Tony is on board with that and that’s what he wants, I would love to. If that’s not what he wants, it’s his company and I will do whatever he says because I trust him and he’s the boss,” said Harwood. [H/T: InsideTheRopes]

The 2022 Wrestling Observer’s Awards has came out:Tony Khan: 2022 Promoter of the YearAEW: 2022 Best Weekly ShowJon Moxley: 2022 Wrestler of the YearFTR: 2022 Tag Team of the YearI can hear the crying now…today is gonna be a good day 😆😌#AEW #AEWDynamite #SmackDown

As of now, it remains to be seen what the future holds for FTR.

Do you want to see FTR join WWE instead of AEW? Sound off in the comments section below!

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