If you have a spare couple thousand dollars and love confusing people with your clothing, Loewe has something right up your alley.

The Spanish luxury brand is now selling the glitchy clothing shown on the runway at Paris Fashion Week last fall under the “Pixel” capsule collection. The release includes clothing items like a baby blue hoodie, a denim skirt, and a T-shirt as well as accessories like a handbag. If you’re on a budget, the cheapest thing is a T-shirt with a blurry Loewe logo for $590. Staying true to the bit, Loewe says purchases will come in limited-edition pixelated packaging.

Of all the metaverse gimmicks disguised as commentary that fashion houses have come up with, Loewe’s — under the purview of creative director Jonathan Anderson — feels the least cynical. The Minecraft clothes do not come with an NFT that could soon become useless or access to a digital “community” for the sake of inserting buzzwords. Instead, the attention is on the details and the artistry that created the garments: how did they make the pants look like that? What might the hoodie feel like in your hands? The physicality of the pieces is what makes them remarkable.

Me, personally? These clothes are out of my tax bracket. But if I saw someone wearing a piece on the street, I would stop and stare.

Loewe’s jacquard hoodie retails for $2,500.
Image: Loewe


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