TL;DR: As of Feb. 24, you can get the Wicked Ball(Opens in a new tab) for $42.99 rather than $49 — that’s a savings of 12%.

Pet parents know the pain of leaving their four-legged friends home alone. Whether for a full work day or just a couple of hours, it can be hard knowing your favorite Fido or feline is bored while solo. That’s where Wicked Ball: Interactive Pet Toy comes in. It’s a Kickstarter(Opens in a new tab)-funded gadget that’s ready to entertain your pets when you don’t have time. 

Now you can offer your pets awesome and stimulating exercises with this automatic ball(Opens in a new tab), right in time for National Spay Day on February 28. Celebrate responsible pet ownership by taking a step to enrich your dog or cat’s life with the Wicked Ball: Interactive Pet Toy, now only $42.99, 12% off the usual price tag.

Banish boredom or loneliness from your dog- or cat-friendly household with help from the Wicked Ball. This handy pet toy is ready to keep pets entertained with three different interaction modes(Opens in a new tab) —  a gentle setting, an active setting, and a normal setting — so you can make sure it’s on the same level as your favorite four-legged family member. Worried about your furniture or belongings? Don’t be, as the built-in collision sensor for automatic obstacle avoidance is designed to prevent run-ins. 

Got a busy pup? The active setting can help get some of that energy out. Love a chilled-out kitty? The gentle setting can entertain them when you’re not able to. This ball is FDA-certified(Opens in a new tab) and also includes a built-in snack hole to add another layer of interaction. It’s super durable, so it can withstand biting, scratching, and gnawing. And it lasts up to eight hours on one single charge in gentle mode, so it can keep your pets busy during your work day. 

Celebrate National Spay Day on February 28 with a new toy for your furry friend. Get the Wicked Ball: Interactive Pet Toy(Opens in a new tab) for just $42.99 for a limited time. 

Prices subject to change.


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