SAVE $150: As of April 11, the Theragun Pro(Opens in a new tab) is on sale at Amazon for $449, down from its original price of $599. That’s a savings of $150, or 25%.

For true athletes, only the best will do — and the best is the Theragun Pro(Opens in a new tab). It’s Therabody’s top model, and it’s used by athletes and exercise lovers for a quick hit of recovery for sore biceps, quads, calves, and anywhere you need some tender loving care. But the best doesn’t come cheap, and the Theragun Pro usually sells for almost $600. But there’s a great deal on this cult massage device today at Amazon.

You can snag a brand new Theragun Pro(Opens in a new tab) at Amazon for $449, or $150 off. That’s a savings of 25%.

For the uninitiated, the Theragun uses the brand’s signature percussive therapy to help reduce muscle soreness, improve mobility, and help you relax when you need it. (This signature therapy is what helps go deep into your muscles and therefore lets you recover faster.) It even has three built-in treatments for different muscle groups, depending on the kind of pain relief you’re looking for.

You can use this device on pretty much any body part, from the biceps to the hamstrings to your back, and it’s super easy to handle, too: The device’s rotating arm and multi-grip give you the ability to perform each treatment completely on your own. This ergonomic design makes sure you don’t strain yourself when trying to get some relief.

The Theragun Pro(Opens in a new tab) also comes with six individual attachments that allow you to customize your experience based on the body part you’re hitting, while the Quietforce technology lets you enjoy a relaxing massage in peace. With five speed settings and over 300 minutes of battery time, it’s also great to take on the go.

Think of this as investing in your own personal, on-call masseuse — and it’s definitely cheaper than weekly massages in the long run. Check out this deal while it lasts.


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