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There’s more to it than that though, as voiceover from Monica begins to explain her own recently discovered powers to Kamala—an ability to “manipulate light energy, which is a distinctly mild way of describing Monica’s abilities in the comics. There, where she has gone through many code names—including the first female Captain Marvel, Pulsar, Spectrum, and Photon—Monica’s energy abilities let her convert her physical form into any form of energy on the electromagnetic spectrum, making her an incredibly powerful hero. Blasts, strength, flight, light manipulation, energy absorption and manipulation, superspeed, intangibility, power enhancement… you name it, Monica can probably figure out a way to do it.

We don’t see that full spectrum (sorry, not sorry) on display here, but interestingly we do see the intangibility on display when what looks like a Kree warrior—note the gloves and the weapon, which we see elsewhere used by Kree in the trailer—attacks her in Kamala’s house, trying and failing to pin her to the Khan family dinner table. Rude!


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