One of the most shocking movies out of this year’s Sundance was Talk to Me — and now, you can finally get a glimpse of the horror flick in its first trailer. The film, which is the directorial debut of YouTubers Danny and Michael Philippou, is a brutal and unrelenting take on teen horror, telling the story of an embalmed hand that lets people become inhabited by spirits after they perform a very specific ritual. The process becomes a viral phenomenon and, well, let’s just say that things don’t go so well.

In my review from Sundance, I described Talk to Me as “a shockingly competent debut — and not at all what I expected from a horror movie made by YouTube stars. It may be a movie about viral videos — but the film itself is much more than an extended YouTube skit.” And that really gets across in the first trailer, which is just a brief taste of the horrors Talk to Me has in store. The movie stars Sophie Wilde, Miranda Otto, Alexandra Jensen, Joe Bird, Otis Dhanji, Zoe Terakes, and Chris Alosi. It was acquired by A24 and is slated to hit theaters on July 28th.


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