Consider a mobile-first approach for your next web initiative

Image: zozzzzo/Adobe Stock Must-read developer coverage In our current connected world, users have high expectations for digital experiences. And on a high-end laptop or desktop, it is fairly straight-forward to meet those expectations. Nice big screens, fast internet, lots of storage and even additional input devices like a keyboard or a mouse all provide designers … Read more

How to incorporate web3 gaming into your Web 2.0 strategy – TechCrunch

Tom Fleetham is the head of sports and gaming at Zilliqa, where he is helping scale up partnerships in the next phase of its growth. Despite growing interest from Web 2.0 companies, the explosion of web3 into the mainstream, combined with the high complexity of the technology, has caught many on the back foot. There … Read more

Telegram founder weighs marketplace for domain names to ‘add a little bit of Web 3.0’ – TechCrunch

Pavel Durov is floating an idea of a blockchain-powered marketplace for user domain names, the co-founder of the popular messaging app Telegram said on his channel on Monday. The billionaire entrepreneur said he was “impressed” by a recent auction for domain and wallet names on The Open Network (TON), a reborn version of Telegram’s abandoned … Read more secures $140M for web app development tools – TechCrunch

The growing complexity of web infrastructure is a challenge that many organizations face today. When building and deploying web apps, IT teams must grapple with an array of choices, from selecting which backend system to use to deciding which framework to code in. According to a recent survey from software developer Infragistics, more than a … Read more

The Ghost of Internet Explorer Will Haunt the Web for Years

After years of decline and a final wind-down over the past 13 months, on Wednesday Microsoft confirmed the retirement of Internet Explorer, the company’s long-lived and increasingly notorious web browser. Launched in 1995, IE came preinstalled on Windows computers for almost two decades, and like Windows XP, Internet Explorer became a mainstay—to the point that … Read more

2022 Dark Web prices for cybercriminals services

Image: yurich84/Adobe Stock The Dark Web is a small portion of the Internet, but it concentrates many cybercriminals and threat actors who generally exchange ideas, thoughts, tips, tricks and experience through hidden forums. Many of these cybercriminals also sell various goods and services; Privacy Affairs has published a new report about the average prices of … Read more

Multi-data center clustering: The evolution of web hosting

Image: Sashkin/Adobe Stock Websites crash for numerous reasons, but you can boil it down to one thing: Dependence. For us, dependence is a significant cause of tension and anxiety. Think about it: If you start craving something — safety, reassurance, validation, dopamine, freedom, money — your attention glues to it. And if you can’t get … Read more

Astronomers Release Breathtaking New View of Tarantula Nebula’s Glowing Web

What’s happening New radio telescope observations have brought a new lens on one of our universe’s most beautiful stellar nurseries. Why it matters Having a clearer sense of what star-forming regions look like could help us understand how stars have formed since the dawn of time. And why they’re still forming as you read this. … Read more

Adobe Photoshop Tests Free Version for Web

Adobe is offering the web version of Photoshop for free starting with a pilot program in Canada, in an effort to make its photo-editing software accessible to more people. Photoshop’s free version will eventually open up more widely, The Verge reported Tuesday. An Adobe spokesperson confirmed the free, web-based version of Photoshop to CNET and added … Read more