I Love Twitter Bots and I Cannot Lie

“I love bots” feels like a controversial statement now, given the rise of troll farms deploying them and the proliferation of egg accounts spreading bad information or engaging in harassment. Even if you set aside, say, their use by state actors to engage in digital political warfare, some bots are just annoying, spamming links to … Read more

Twitter ‘lacked the ability to hunt for foreign intelligence agents,’ says whistleblower

Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge Twitter’s lack of internal security controls was such that the company was simply unable to detect agents of foreign intelligence services who had infiltrated the company, former security chief Peiter ‘Mudge’ Zatko says. Zatko made the claims in testimony given to the Senate Judiciary Committee on Tuesday, in … Read more

Twitter Expands Birdwatch Community Fact Check Program With New Entry System, More

Twitter announced on Wednesday that it is bringing several new features to its Birdwatch community fact-finding program that launched last year. The Birdwatch program involves users who help identify potentially malicious tweets and add notes to provide context with additional information. Right now, the social media platform has announced that it is releasing a new … Read more

Elon Musk can lean on the Twitter whistleblower but he can’t push the trial date back • TechCrunch

A Delaware judge will allow Elon Musk to incorporate new information from Twitter whistleblower Peiter Zatko into his countersuit against the company. Zatko, a well-respected security expert known by the nickname “Mudge,” previously served as Twitter’s head of security and raised concerns about the company’s security and privacy practices in a recent whistleblower complaint. Delaware’s … Read more

Twitter is expanding its experimental community moderation system

Twitter is expanding Birdwatch, its community-driven content moderation program, to half of all US users on Wednesday. Twitter first launched Birdwatch last year with the goal of empowering users to provide additional context to potentially misleading tweets. Members of the program are asked to write notes contextualizing posts or provide related information that appears on … Read more

Twitter expands fact-checking program ahead of US midterms

On the heels of a report detailing how Twitter had once accidentally allowed a conspiracy theorist into its invite-only fact-checking program known as Birdwatch, the company is today announcing the program will expand to users across the U.S. — with a few changes. The rollout will add 1,000 more contributors to this program every week, … Read more

Judge denies Elon Musk’s attempt to delay Twitter trial

A Delaware court has denied billionaire Elon Musk’s attempt to push back the October trial over his abortive Twitter acquisition, but it agrees that he can incorporate claims made by former Twitter security chief Peiter “Mudge” Zatko into his case. The decision follows a hearing yesterday afternoon that saw Musk’s attorneys argue for a “meager” … Read more

Twitter Tester that warns users if a conversation might get ‘heated or serious’

Twitter is testing a new feature that will allow users to get a preview of the conversation before they join. The microblogging platform is testing new boosters on Android and iOS apps, the announcement said today. The new ‘needs’ feature will warn users before engaging in potentially heated discussions. It will appear below some tweets … Read more

How Amtrak’s Viral One-Word Tweet Inspired the Latest Big Twitter Trend

Someone on Amtrak’s social media team might be on the fast track to a promotion. A one-word tweet from the train company’s official Twitter account on Thursday took off faster than a super speedy Shinkansen, inspiring a Twitter trend toward extreme brevity. “Trains,” the tweet says simply. Less than 24 hours after the account tweeted … Read more