Amazon Debuts CodeWhisperer as an AI Code-Writing Tool for Tech Workers, Developers

Amazon on Thursday announced a tool to help software developers write code, the latest such effort by the tech industry. The service, called Amazon CodeWhisperer, suggests how to program, and also scans for security and bias issues in web developers’ projects, Swami Sivasubramanian, a vice president at Amazon’s cloud division, said at a company conference … Read more

Tech News You May Have Missed: June 16-23

We look back to the previous week in TechRepublic’s publishings and take a look at the five biggest stories. Image: What’s hot at TechRepublic Welcome to the inaugural edition of “Tech News You May Have Missed”. This is the beginning of a series where we will recap TechRepublic’s biggest stories of the last week, … Read more

Growing e-commerce tech is helping SMBs meet new consumer demands

Learn how tech companies like ShipStation can improve the logistical capabilities of your business. Image: rocketclips/Adobe Stock The advent of the pandemic has brought about seismic changes to consumer behavior, as quarantining measures early on shifted the way people consume goods. This quickly spurred e-commerce shopping to unexpected levels, launching e-commerce growth to levels  that … Read more

Echobot and Leadfeeder merge, raise $190M in Euro sales tech consolidation play – TechCrunch

Sales and marketing has seen a huge boom in the last several years, fueled by developments in user experience and design, innovations around how companies can parse and leverage big data analytics to understand more about their target audiences and tech to connect with them effectively. That’s also led to a profusion of startups and … Read more

Big Tech backs EU’s tougher rules versus disinformation

What you need to know The European Commission has tightened rules governing how tech giants deal with deep fakes, bots, impersonation, and fake accounts. Under the new rules, Big Tech could face massive fines if they fail to combat disinformation. Google, Meta, Twitter, Twitch, TikTok, and Clubhouse are among the 38 companies that have signed … Read more

Samara is building tech to switch Spain’s households onto solar energy – TechCrunch

Despite being one of the countries in Europe with the most hours of sunshine, Spain has extremely low levels of household solar installations. Madrid-based Samaraa startup founded in May this year — which is launching a service in its home market today — wants to change that, spotting what it believes is a major opportunity … Read more

I’m not too worried about recommending another (few) tech podcasts – TechCrunch

Welcome to Startups Weekly, a fresh human-first take on this week’s startup news and trends. To get this in your inbox, subscribe here. I’m out this week, but that doesn’t mean I’m leaving you alone. TechCrunch has been not-so-quietly growing its podcast universe. So, I thought I’d take a second to highlight the podcasts, the … Read more

Big Tech must deal with disinformation or face fines, says EU

Expected to come into force in 2024, the DSA will apply to all online services that operate in the EU, but with particular focus on what it calls Vlops (very large online platforms, such as Facebook and YouTube) and Vloses (very large online search engines, such as Google) – defined as services that have more … Read more