Ms. Marvel reimagined Kamala Khan’s powers to give her stronger ties to the MCU

Disney Plus’ Ms. Marvel series is one of the MCU’s better recent entries, but Kamala Khan’s new live-action superpowers have been a point of contention for fans of the comics who are concerned about the show’s ability to translate the source material across mediums. Comics Ms. Marvel’s main thing is smashing stuff with her humongous … Read more

Blood Flow Restriction Training Gets You Stronger Without the Heavy Weights

Blood flow restriction training is a technique that restricts blood flow in your arms and/or legs during exercise to help with injury rehabilitation, tendinitis, surgery post-op (such as knee surgery), maintaining strength during recovery and even optimizing performance for competitive athletes. When I was rehabbing an injury while training for my last race, my physical … Read more

Startups in 2022 are indeed ‘harder, Better, Faster, stronger’ – TechCrunch

Whats up and welcome again to Fairness, a podcast in regards to the enterprise of startups, the place we unpack the numbers and nuance behind the headlines. This was our stay present week! Sure, Mary Ann and Natasha and Alex bought along with Grace for our Friday recording on Thursday, that means that we gathered on … Read more