The Story You’ve Heard About Cities and the Drug Crisis Is Wrong

When journalists on the fashion beat accept conventional wisdom as fact and don’t look too closely at whether the trends they describe are real, the worst that happens is unstylishness. When reporters covering addiction, homelessness, and mental illness do the same, it can lead to policies that do enormous harm, especially when mainstream media defaults … Read more

‘Gran Turismo’ Movie Release Date Confirmed, and it’s Based On a True Story

Sony has confirmed a release date and plot details for a Gran Turismo movie, revealing it’ll be based on real-life adventures of a player of the popular racing game. The flick will be directed by District 9 helmer Neill Blomkamp and will be released on Aug. 11, 2023. The Gran Turismo series of racing games … Read more

Resident Evil Village is getting an expansion with more story and a third-person mode

Capcom has finally shared details on a new expansion for last year’s excellent Resident Evil Villageincluding a story campaign, more content for the Mercenaries mode, and a third-person mode. The expansion, called the Winters’ Expansionwill be available on October 28th, the company announced at its Capcom Showcase on Monday. The new story campaign, Shadows of … Read more

The Real Story Behind the Dino Feathers in ‘Jurassic World Dominion’

The small-scale clay maquette of each dinosaur was then scanned by the team at Industrial Light and Magic to inform the digital version. That digital scan was then passed to Nolan’s team to use as the blueprint for their physical animatronic dinosaur. At least one dino, the feathered pyroraptor, ended up being built like some … Read more

‘Ms. Marvel’ review: Zingy Teen High Jinks Make a Fresh Origin Story

In 2008, the origin story for the Marvel Cinematic Universe saw Iron Man facing some stereotypical brown-skinned terrorists. We’ve come a long way to the latest MCU origin story, in which Muslim American superhero Ms. Marvel brings a pop of vibrant teen energy to a fresh and zippy new Disney Plus series perfect for Marvel … Read more

Spawning Sturgeon Fish: The Feel-Good Story You Didn’t Know You Needed

I didn’t wake up this morning expecting a bunch of fish to cheer me up, but it happened anyway. Lake sturgeon are doing their thing by making babies in Minnesota. Wildlife professionals are celebrating the first verified spawning in the Red River Basin in more than a hundred years. The US Fish and Wildlife Service tweeted a … Read more

Volodymyr Zelensky and the Art of the War Story

In 2003, VOLODYMYR Zelensky, then 25 and freshly licensed to practice law, formed an organization “to make the world a better place using humor and creativity.” The organization was Kvartal 95 Studio, a production company that has created, among other hits, a sitcom about the zany burden of in-laws. The In-Laws suffered a setback in … Read more

Adam Neumann’s blockchain-based redemption story now sponsored by a16z – TechCrunch

In a classic “pivot-to-crypto-to-reinvent-yourself” moment, controversial WeWork founder Adam Neumann recently launched a startup, Flowcarbon, to sell tokenized carbon credits on the blockchain. Venture capitalists just can’t seem to get enough of Neumann and his spouse/co-founder, Rebekah, who started the company alongside its CEO Dana Gibber and two others, Caroline Klatt and Ilan Stern. Now, … Read more