Nothing Phone 1 to Be Available for Purchase on StockX Before Launch, Limited to 100 Units

Nothing Phone 1 is all set to be launched through a virtual event called ‘Return to Instinct’ on July 12. Building up hype around the launch of its first smartphone, the company has announced an auction of the limited edition of the Nothing Phone 1 via the online marketplace StockX. The UK brand, led by … Read more

StockX hits back at Nike in battle over NFTs and counterfeit sneakers

Back in February, Nike sued StockX, a popular online sneaker reseller, for launching a non-fungible token (NFT) series based on Nike’s shoes. It then accused StockX last month of knowingly selling counterfeits — a thing that shouldn’t be possible since StockX claims it authenticates the shoes sold on its site. Now, StockX is hitting back. … Read more