This Android malware spies on your messages to steal your financial data

The first time we told you about it was in 2021. BRATA Android malware had just been discovered by Cleafy researchers, at the same time as it arrived in Europe. Its operation was already chilling: through a phishing campaign, hackers manage to convince their victim to download their malware, which they disguise as a fake … Read more

Boundary Layer wants to steal air freight’s lunch and transport it by water instead – TechCrunch

If you’ve ever spent time writing beat poetry about container ships chugging their way into and out of harbors, “nimble” or “fast” will be unlikely to make it into your finely crafted written words. And if your (admittedly increasingly esoteric) poetic bent is more of an air freight persuasion, it’s likely that “affordable” was not … Read more

Steal This Hot New Summer Look (It’s Bacteria) – TechCrunch

Bacterial secretions might dye your future wardrobe, and that’d be an improvement. That’s because textiles usually get their hues from toxic chemicals, and the resulting wastewater—laden with dyes, acids and formaldehyde—destroys rivers, such as those surrounding Dhaka, the capital city of Bangladesh. Wastewater treatment, when it happens, is just one of the energy-intensive (read: carbon-spewing) … Read more

Security flaw in Rarible NFT platform allowed attackers to steal crypto assets

NFT and crypto tokens had been stolen from Rarible prospects earlier than the difficulty was mounted. Be taught extra about it and forestall from this type of menace. Picture: elenabs/Getty Pictures Should-read safety protection A brand new report from Test Level Analysis exposes a safety flaw throughout the Rarible NFT (non-fungible tokens) market. The safety … Read more

Sophisticated phishing attacks steal Trezor’s hardware wallets

Clients of {hardware} pockets supplier Trezor have been focused by a phishing rip-off, ensuing within the theft of cryptocurrency property. See the way it works and how you can shield your self from this new risk. Picture: Getty Photos/iStockphoto/bluebay2014 Trezor lately revealed a warning in opposition to a brand new phishing marketing campaign focusing on … Read more