Echodyne’s compact, steerable radar spots $135M investment and prepares to diversify – TechCrunch

When Echodyne showed off its compact but intelligent metamaterial radar system back in 2017, the applications seemed endless… but some, like urban air mobility and autonomous vehicles, we’re still waiting on. Fortunately the defense industry has buoyed the company up during a couple tough years and it is now looking to pursue new opportunities, powered … Read more

ISS Cosmonaut Spots Whimsical Space ‘Stowaways’

Let’s put ourselves in the floating shoes of Roscosmos cosmonaut Sergey Korsakov, current a resident of the International Space Station. You’re taking pictures of the Russian Progress MS-18 spacecraft, which has just undocked from the station. You see two pairs of eyes staring back at you. What do you do? You share it on social … Read more

‘Sharkcano’: NASA Spots Eruption of Underwater Volcano Where Sharks Live

NASA should consider getting into the cheesy disaster movie business. It already has an elevator pitch for a low-budget film. “You’ve heard of sharknado, now get ready for sharkcano,” NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center tweeted on Sunday. NASA hasn’t lost its mind. Goddard shared an image from the Earth-observing Landsat 9 satellite showing a disturbance … Read more

Astrophotographer Spots Spacewalking Astronauts From Earth, Captures Incredible Photo

From Earth, these taking photographers of area usually seize magnificent photos of distant galaxies, planets, and moons. Final week, nonetheless, astrophotographer Sebastian Voltmer captured one thing utterly completely different. On March 23, NASA astronaut Raja Chari and Matthias Maurer of the European Area Company (ESA) spent practically seven hours exterior the Worldwide Area Station (ISS), … Read more

Fb, Instagram Are Sizzling Spots for Pretend Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Chanel

Fb proprietor Meta Platforms is struggling to cease counterfeiters from pushing faux luxurious items from Gucci to Chanel throughout its social media apps, in response to analysis and interviews, as the corporate barrels into ecommerce. Its platforms have emerged as sizzling spots for counterfeit offenders who exploit their vary of social and personal messaging instruments … Read more