Spotify update makes songs and podcasts easier to find in separate home feeds

What you need to know Spotify is rolling out a refreshed home experience on mobile. The new update will give music and podcasts their dedicated feed for easier discovery. It is coming to Android phones first before rolling out on iOS. Spotify’s home screen has been nothing more than a hodgepodge of content that makes … Read more

Spotify revamps in-app concert discovery with new Live Events Feed – TechCrunch

Spotify is introducing a new feature that will allow users to better discover nearby events and concerts. The streaming service today announced it’s replacing its in-app Concert Hub with a new Live Events Feed that will allow you to find favorite artists’ events in your area in a way that’s personalized to your own interests. … Read more

YouTube Music introduces seasonal recap playlists to compete with Spotify Wrapped – TechCrunch

YouTube Music has launched a new feature called seasonal recaps, a culmination of your top artists, songs, albums, and playlists. “Spring Recap” will be the first recap that users can try. This acts as an expansion of its 2021 Recap experience introduced last year. According to the company, it received positive feedback after rolling out … Read more

YouTube Music leapfrogs Spotify Wrapped with new seasonal recap playlists

YouTube is introducing new seasonal recaps of your top artists, songs, albums, and playlists to YouTube Music, starting first with the Spring Recap. YouTube rolled out a Spotify Wrapped-style annual recap at the end of last year, but now YouTube owner Google is taking the concept further with seasonal rundowns. “Similar to the 2021 Recap, … Read more

Spotify forms advisory council to tackle content moderation

I hope everyone had a glorious weekend and a survivable Monday, despite looming economic catastrophe. I am trying not to think too hard about it, so good thing I had a newsletter to write! Today, Spotify gets some advice on content moderation, TED launches a new subscription service, and Acast enables its podcasters to sell … Read more

After Rogan Covid-19 controversy, Spotify forms a safety council to rethink its content moderation policies – TechCrunch

After finding itself embroiled in a lengthy saga over how its star podcaster Joe Rogan spread COVID-19 vaccine-related misinformation on his show earlier this year, Spotify has announced a new initiative that could help it in situations like these in the future. It has formed a Safety Advisory Council, with the aim of making better … Read more

Maverick’ sells to Spotify for undisclosed sum – TechCrunch

To get a roundup of TechCrunch’s biggest and most important stories delivered to your inbox every day at 3 p.m. PDT, subscribe here. June 13, 2022. You know what that means: It’s Monday! Whether the word fills you with dread or delight, Monday is securely attached to not caring about your opinions about itself. May … Read more

Spotify is acquiring Sonantic, the AI voice platform used to simulate Val Kilmer’s voice in Top Gun Maverick – TechCrunch

Streaming giant Spotify, most famous for its music and podcast streaming services targeting consumers, is making an acquisition of a voice AI company to expand its reach in audio technology — opening the door not just to building more functionality on Spotify itself, but other potential business opportunities elsewhere, too. Today, the company announced that … Read more

Spotify comes for audiobooks – The Verge

This article first ran in Hot Pod Insider, The Verge’s audio industry newsletter. Spotify wants to make audiobooks the next pillar of its business. On Wednesday, company executives pitched the audiobooks business to investors as their next target for industry domination. When they launch the audiobooks vertical (which is TBD), it could have huge ramifications … Read more