Group of security companies launches open source project to ease data sharing – TechCrunch

It’s long been known that security is not a problem that companies, even large corporations, can solve on their own. It takes a community working together to battle the kinds of problems that companies are facing today when it comes to cybersecurity. This morning at the Black Hat USA conference in Las Vegas; AWS, Splunk … Read more

AWS is quietly getting better at open source

AWS isn’t the biggest corporate contributor to open source, but it’s increasingly involved in the projects upon which its customers depend. Image: Nuthawut/Adobe Stock Open source: Must-read coverage AWS has quietly and steadily been improving with open source. Sure, Corey Quinn might have been right when he said that, in the past, AWS “consistently and, … Read more

We turned our investors into our best source of customer feedback – TechCrunch

Tory Reiss is co-founder and CEO of Equi. When my co-founders and I started Equi, we each committed to putting 80% of our liquid net worth into the investment platform we were building. It made sense because we had initially built the product for ourselves. We knew what investment strategies would yield the best returns … Read more

SpaceX employees blast Musk’s tweets as a ‘source of distraction and embarrassment’ – TechCrunch

To get a roundup of TechCrunch’s biggest and most important stories delivered to your inbox every day at 3 p.m. PDT, subscribe here. It’s Fridaa… wait, Thursday? Come on, will this week ever end? Don’t worry, we are all right, just looking forward to our impending vacation mode. — Come on and Christine The TechCrunch … Read more

Adobe releases open source tools to counter visual misinformation – TechCrunch

Adobe has a vision for an internet peppered with photos and videos packaged up with extra data about where they came from. The company’s central aim is to mitigate the spread of visual misinformation, but the system could also be a boon for content creators keen to keep their names attached to their work. First … Read more

Sheryl Sandberg a source of inspiration for f7 Ventures’ general partners as they deploy first fund – TechCrunch

Perhaps it’s the end of an era now that Sheryl Sandberg announced she will leave Meta. However, to Kelly Graziadei and Joanna Lee Shevelenko, general partners at f7 Ventures, an early-stage venture firm, they are carrying forward the influence Sandberg had on them during their time at Facebook in their new endeavor. All of f7 … Read more

As the downturn hits crypto, a key startup investment source may slow – TechCrunch

The party is over! While the 2021 venture cycle was still booming, every startup sector felt hot. Every geography set records. Founders ruled supreme, venture capitalists lined up to pay steep prices for startup shares, and new business models flourished. Now, halfway through 2022, we’ve seen a bracing reversion to the mean. Most startup sectors … Read more

Open Source Intelligence May Be Changing Old-School War

Ford says that the high level of mobile connectivity among Ukrainians and a notable absence of combat footage from smartphones and headcams, especially in the early phases of the war, suggest an effective information operation may be underway. “No doubt the Ukrainians fear such images will reveal their tactics, techniques, and procedures,” says Ford. So … Read more

There’s a new hub for open source jobs, and it’s not just about developers and admins

Image: bakhtiarzein/Adpbe Stock Open source job opportunities have exploded all over the world. With cloud-native and container development the darling of enterprise businesses, it makes perfect sense that open source skills are the hottest ticket on the market. But it’s not just about developers and admins. In fact, there’s a need for marketers, sales and … Read more