Kaspersky Lab takes stake in Russian brain-like computing chip startup

According to Russian media reports, Kaspersky Lab has recently invested in the start-up company Motiv NT. Presently, Kaspersky Lab accounts for 15% of the shares, and the transaction amount is about tens of millions of rubles. Founded in 2017, Motiv is said to be committed to developing a brain-like computing chip that simulates the neural mechanism … Read more

An Alleged Russian Spy Was Busted Trying to Intern at The Hague

As well as stopping Cherkasov from obtaining the position at the ICC and sending him back to Brazil, the Dutch intelligence agency also published his long and detailed cover story. The four-page story, often known as a covert intelligence officer’s “legend,” details the background of the “Ferreira” identity. “The threat posed by this intelligence officer … Read more

Wikimedia Foundation appeals Russian fine over Ukraine war articles

The Wikimedia Foundation is challenging a Russian court’s ruling that it violated disinformation laws in articles about the invasion of Ukraine. The organization filed its appeal last week, arguing that the articles contained “well-sourced, verified knowledge” and that Russia did not have jurisdiction over the globally operating Wikimedia Foundation. The Moscow court fined Wikimedia 5 … Read more

Xiaomi, Realme, Honor Dominate Russian Smartphone Market as Apple, Samsung Pause Sales: Report

China’s market share in the Russian smartphone market jumped significantly in May as manufacturers like Apple and Samsung paused new sales in Russia and Western sanctions weighed on the Russian economy. Chinese manufacturers Xiaomi, Realme and Honor accounted for 42 percent of Russia’s smartphone sales in May 2022, according to data from mobile network MTS … Read more

Russian tech giant Yandex removes national borders from Maps app – TechCrunch

The reconfiguring of Russia’s digital landscape in the wake of Putin’s decision to invade Ukraine continues to play out at a macro and micro level. Here’s a development on the latter front: Local tech giant Yandex has quietly removed national borders from its maps product. Users of Yandex’s maps app, which is popular in countries … Read more

Ukrainian Officials’ Phone Targeted by Hackers Amid Russian Invasion: Cybersecurity Expert

The phones of Ukrainian officials have been targeted by hackers as Russia pursues its invasion of Ukraine, a senior cybersecurity official said Monday. Victor Zhora, the deputy head of Ukraine’s State Special Communications Service, said that phones being used by the country’s public servants had come under sustained targeting. “We see a lot of attempts … Read more

Google’s Russian Empire Faces an Uncertain Future

Some analysts have suggested that the government believes YouTube is too popular to block without risking a political pushback or increasing the popularity of VPNs. But others argue that the Google exemption is connected to the company’s trump card, which is sitting in the pockets of roughly 75 percent of Russians. “Most smartphones in Russia … Read more

Ukraine Says It’s Doxing Russian Troops and Spies

Names, birthdays, passport numbers, job titles—the private data goes on for pages and appears like every typical information breach. However this information set may be very completely different. It allegedly comprises the private data of 1,600 Russian troops who served in Bucha, a Ukrainian metropolis devastated throughout Russia’s conflict and the scene of a number … Read more

Twitter moves to limit Russian government accounts

“When a authorities that is engaged in armed battle is obstructing or limiting entry to on-line providers inside their nation, whereas they themselves proceed to make use of those self same providers to advance their positions and viewpoints – that creates a dangerous info imbalance”, says Yoel Roth, Head of Website Integrity at Twitter.