Diagnostic Robotics has AI catching health problems before they take you to the ER – TechCrunch

A stitch in time saves nine, they say — and a blood thinner in time saves a trip to the emergency room for a heart attack, as Diagnostic Robotics hopes to show. The company’s machine learning-powered preventative care aims to predict and avoid dangerous (and costly) medical crises, saving everyone money and hopefully keeping them … Read more

DCVC, Playground Global and FoundersX Ventures will discuss automation investments at TC Sessions: Robotics – TechCrunch

If any tech sector has managed to withstand the recent slowdown of investor funding, it’s robotics. In 2021, VCs plowed more than $17 billion into robotics startups — nearly triple what was invested in 2020. The pandemic — combined with labor shortages — fueled that spike. And, although a bit behind last year’s brisk pace, … Read more

Former Amazon Robotics VP Brad Porter goes Collaborative – TechCrunch

The pandemic was a moment of truth for Amazon Robotics. After years of work, numerous acquisitions and millions spent, could the retail giant’s massive investment in automation help keep things running amid the biggest pandemic in a century? The answer was, decidedly, yes. The company’s deployment of hundreds of thousands of robotics systems across American … Read more

US Secretary of Labor Marty Walsh will discuss the changing face of work at TC Sessions: Robotics 2022 – TechCrunch

All jokes about robot armies and SkyNet aside, robotics are set to profoundly impact the future of how America works. And not in just a few industries, but across an ever-growing swath that includes agtech, automotive, construction, labor, logistics, healthcare and more. Automation is inevitable, and yet advancements in technology often result in lower wages … Read more

Agtech robotics firm FarmWise just raised another $45 million – TechCrunch

The rest of the startup universe may be struggling to bring in funds, but it’s still a good time to get a robotic raise. Agtech is high on that list. The median age of farmers is 55 years old in the United States, and finding human help is increasingly more difficult of late. FarmWise has … Read more

Post-acquisition, Misty Robotics pivots to education – TechCrunch

Back in 2018, a struggling Sphero needed a change. Post-Disney IP deal, life hadn’t been easy for the Colorado robotic toy firm, so it looked to a potentially lucrative new sector: STEM education. History, as Mark Twain may or may not have ever said, rhymes. The source of the quote is uncertain, but the truth … Read more

Show us your robots at TC Sessions: Robotics 2022 – TechCrunch

It’s time to assemble your robots and prepare for a high-tech show-and-tell at TC Classes: Robotics 2022 on July 22 on the Hynes Conference Heart in Boston, Massachusetts. Be part of greater than 2,000 different good, robot-obsessed early-stage startups, founders, builders, engineers and buyers for a day devoted to the way forward for — what … Read more

Nurse-assisting robotics firm Diligent raises $30M – TechCrunch

Nursing shortages have been an issue nicely earlier than our hospitals have been rocked by a pandemic. Two years in and overloaded techniques have additional contributed to burnout, stress and different components plaguing the folks we depend on for our personal well-being. We’ve seen robotics utilized to simply about each different subject of late, so … Read more

U.S. Xpress pilots 24/7 autonomous freight with Kodiak Robotics – TechCrunch

Self-driving trucking firm Kodiak Robotics and U.S. Xpress, an American truckload service with a big footprint, have accomplished a pilot that examined autonomous freight service between Dallas-Fort Value, Texas, and Atlanta, Georgia, utilizing one among Kodiak’s autonomous vehicles. Throughout the pilot, which occurred in late March, the Kodiak truck and pre-loaded U.S. Xpress trailers took … Read more