Polycab Hohm Mirai Smart IR Blaster Review: Refurbished Equipment

Polycab is best known for industrial electrical cables and wires, but recently the company has expanded into the field of home appliances such as fans, lights, and switches. The company’s new foray into the best home and automation solutions, with Hohm’s IoT product range. The product I’m reviewing today is the Polycab Hohm Mirai Smart … Read more

The Bob’s Burgers Movie Review: The Belchers Sizzle With Big Laughs and Big Heart

Bob Belcher and his family made the jump to the big screen and the movie solidifies why animated sitcom Bob’s Burgers, recently renewed for its 13th season, is so loved by fans. All 238 episodes of Bob’s Burgers unflinchingly embrace Murphy’s Law, the popular adage that “whatever can go wrong, will go wrong.” The zany, … Read more

Sonic Origins Review: This Collection of Classic Games Put Me in a Better Mood

After three decades of playing Sonic the Hedgehog games, I really should be immune to the speedy blue Sega hero’s charms. Sonic Origins proved me wrong. Slightly irritable after a busy day, I loaded up this collection of classic ’90s platforming games on my PS5 and all the tension just melted away as soon as … Read more

Disney Mirrorverse for Android review: A divergent universe, but a gacha game all the same

Have you ever thought to yourself, “Kingdom Hearts was kind of neat, but I sure did hate the Final Fantasy stuff and wacky story”? If that’s you, then Disney Mirrorverse might be just the game you’ve been waiting for. Mirrorverse is a new team-based action RPG set in an alternate world where Disney and Pixar … Read more

Mecool HomePlus KA1 Android TV box review: a streaming device and smart speaker combo

Cord-cutters have had an exciting period over the past two years, with Android TV boxes gaining traction and Google’s Chromecast taking on a new form with a remote for the first time. When you combine that with the Google TV interface, you get personalized recommendations. Fast forward to 2022, and this segment is still growing, thanks … Read more

Infinix Zero 5G Review: A Powerful Smartphone but at What Cost?

Xiaomi and Realme are two big brands that often dominate headlines when it comes to phone launches in the mainstream and mid-range segments. Due to the rapid pace at which these brands keep launching new products, it’s easy to overlook the smaller players which sometimes tend to have very interesting products. The Infinix Zero 5G … Read more

Lightyear review: a stiff deconstruction of heroic space dramas

Pixar and Disney have hyped director Angus MacLane’s Lightyear up by making it out as a mysterious reworking of Toy Story’s canon that reveals all-new details about Andy Davis’ favorite space explorer. Though a new version of Buzz anchors the film, its story about how reaching for the stars can lead to people losing hold … Read more

Brooklyn Bedding Aurora Mattress Review: A Cooling Mattress That Works

One of the worst enemies of a good night’s sleep is heat. It’s nearly impossible to fall asleep if you feel hot, and it’s infuriating to wake up in the middle of the night baking atop your own mattress. There are plenty of products that claim they can keep you cool, but the Brooklyn Bedding … Read more