Devialet Mania Review: Bottom-Heavy, But Powerful

For all that Mania seems a slightly un-Devialet product as far as looks and specification are concerned, though, the company’s ethos comes strongly back into focus when the speaker starts doing its thing. Connected to an Apple iPhone 13 via AirPlay 2, and with music ranging from John Coltrane’s “My Favourite Things” to Nation of Language’s “This Fractured … Read more

The Callisto Protocol review: terrifying horror with terrifying difficulty spikes

The first few hours of The Callisto Protocol are some of the best horror I’ve played in recent memory. It merges classic Resident Evil-style survival horror with the production values of a next-gen game to create something truly terrifying — I sincerely dreaded having to slowly make my way through the crumbling space prison where … Read more

Logitech G Cloud Review: Don’t Call It a Cloud Gaming Mini Console

It’s hard to get excited about the Logitech G Cloud, but it’s hard to hate it as well. Fundamentally, it’s a small Android tablet with a nonremovable controller and a custom launcher; you can also run it as a generic tablet. In contrast, a device like the upcoming Razer Edge is a similar, small Android … Read more

Eufy Dual Video Doorbell review: double the cameras, double the safety

Innovations in video doorbells are coming hot and fast. Each new product touts a “better” way to keep an eye on that precious piece of property — your front porch. With everything from dog food to diapers, smartphones to sushi being dropped at our doorsteps, keeping an eye on that precious cargo is a top … Read more

Google Nest Wifi Pro Review: Wi-Fi 6E at a Reasonable Price

The Nest Wifi Pro is the latest mesh router from Google. In line with the company’s penchant for simplicity, this mesh system is a breeze to set up and easy to manage. But the “Pro” moniker seems ill-fitting considering the lack of advanced features and settings—it really just refers to Google’s adoption of Wi-Fi 6E. … Read more

The Eternal Daughter review: a quiet ghost story with a double dose of Tilda Swinton

The first thing that you should know about The Eternal Daughter, the latest film from director Joanna Hogg, is that it’s not as spooky as the trailer makes it seem. It is indeed a ghost story, one with some unsettling moments and themes, but the scariest thing about the movie is its frighteningly realistic depiction … Read more

Samsung Galaxy A23 5G Review: Annoyingly Laggy

It’s not a good sign when you’ve thought about throwing your smartphone out the window. Not because of—well, *gestures at everything*— but because it’s just so frustrating to use. I went out to dinner recently, and a colleague—who was using a six-year-old iPhone SE—pointed out how slow my brand-new phone was. I was ready to … Read more

Superhexa Vision smart glasses review: Distorting reality

Smart glasses are gaining momentum, and Superhexa — a new entity based out of Beijing that’s part of Xiaomi’s lifestyle ecosystem — is aiming to continue what Google started with its first-gen Google Glass a decade ago. Its first product is called the Vision, and it has a lot of interesting features: a 50MP camera … Read more

We review Abby, a sleek one-plant weed farm for your apartment • TechCrunch

Abby started its journey selling 120 or so of its “All-In-One Smart Hydroponic Grow Box” on Kickstarter, with a relatively modest $100,000 raised on the crowdfunding platform. The device promises to help you make growing your favorite plants more or less foolproof, especially if your “favorite plants” are marijuana. In its marketing, the company is … Read more