How Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Can Reshape the Way You Think

Negative thinking can distort your perception of reality and cause emotional difficulties. Cognitive behavioral therapy is built on the concept that what you think, feel and how you act (your behavior) are all dependent on one another. If one is disordered, then it will influence the others. CBT aims to help you recognize negative thinking … Read more

Crypto Is Poised to Reshape Taxes—and Cities

Taxes, CityCoins founder Patrick Stanley says, can cease being a mind-numbing civic ritual and change into an train in freedom—if we tokenize and calibrate them the precise approach. Stanley’s crypto-based invention is what he calls “an opt-in tax of alternative, versus obligation,” whereby boosters tithe a selected metropolis with crypto as a result of they … Read more

US ‘Digital Greenback’: Will It Reshape How Cash Is Used Across the World?

US President Joe Biden has ordered the federal authorities to look into making a digital greenback, a transfer with the potential to reshape how cash is moved and used all over the world. Earlier than his order leads to a digital dollar, there might be quite a few main impacts — and dangers — to … Read more