Instagram Stories Repeating for You? Company Releases App Update With Bug Fixes

No, you’re not experiencing deja vu: Some Instagram users have been reporting that when they try to watch new Stories posted by fellow users, they instead get Stories they’ve already seen. The company has acknowledged the bug and on Wednesday released an update for its iOS app to fix it. In the Apple app store, … Read more

Nigeria’s internet regulator releases draft to regulate Twitter, Facebook, TikTok and others – TechCrunch

Nigeria has announced plans to regulate internet companies like Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram (all owned by Meta), Google and TikTok in a draft shared by the country’s internet regulator. This information, released by the National Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA) on Monday, can be viewed on its website and Twitter page. Just six months ago, … Read more

FAA releases final assessment of SpaceX’s Starbase and Starship program, requires changes – TechCrunch

The Federal Aviation Administration published its highly anticipated environmental assessment of SpaceX’s Starbase launch site and the Starship launch program on Monday, with the agency finding that SpaceX’s plans would not result in significant impacts to the environment — but requiring the company to implement a number of mitigation measures before it can start conducting … Read more

Adobe releases open source tools to counter visual misinformation – TechCrunch

Adobe has a vision for an internet peppered with photos and videos packaged up with extra data about where they came from. The company’s central aim is to mitigate the spread of visual misinformation, but the system could also be a boon for content creators keen to keep their names attached to their work. First … Read more

Apple said to be planning 12″ MacBook, 15″ MacBook Air and 14.1” iPad Pro for 2023 releases – TechCrunch

A pair of reports published today potentially reveal Apple’s 2023 laptop and iPad lineup. If true, big changes are coming. Literally big: Apple is rumored to be building a 14.1-inch iPad Pro and a 15-inch MacBook Air. Both reports come from sources with great track records. Ross Young today revealed the 14.1-inch iPad newsand Bloomberg’s … Read more

Xage releases new tool to battle MFA bombing in critical infrastructure – TechCrunch

Earlier this year, the news of multi-factor authentication attacks began to surface. MFA is supposed to be a technique to limit attacks. If someone gets hold of a password, an MFA request usually prevents them from getting any further, but this year’s attacks showed that even MFA can be vulnerable under the right circumstances. Xage … Read more

Google releases Android 13 beta 3, reaches platform stability – TechCrunch

Google has released Android 13 beta 3, and while there aren’t any major changes in this version, that’s probably the point of it as the version has reached platform stability. This means that there won’t be any significant changes to Android 13’s APIs, and developers can tune their apps for the version when it rolls … Read more

NASA Releases Photos of Spacecraft Destined to Search for Alien Life on Europa

What’s happening NASA has completed building the main body of the Europa Clipper spacecraft. Why it matters It’s a massive device that’ll be programmed to fly by and investigate Jupiter’s icy moon Europa, a foreign world that scientists think could host extraterrestrial life. It’s an aluminum cylinder about the size of an SUV. It stands … Read more

NASA Releases Totally Rad Roman Telescope Retro Video Game

The ’80s are so hot right now. NASA’s Nancy Grace Roman Telescopewhich will focus on dark matter and distant exoplanets, isn’t scheduled to launch until the mid-2020s, but you can get hyped up in advance by playing an entertaining retro video game that challenges you to capture as many galaxies, supernovae, planets and black holes as … Read more