You’re the Worst? Internet Service Providers Rank Dead Last for Customer Satisfaction

What’s happening The American Customer Satisfaction Index has released its annual survey of Americans’ contentment with their internet service providers. Why it matters As broadband connectivity becomes more and more integral to daily work and schooling habits, few ISPs are meeting our expectations. If we start to see increased competition, that might change. You know … Read more

Google, YouTube and Bing Rank Chinese State Media High for COVID, Xinjiang Info

China exploits how search engines work to influence public opinion outside the country, by landing state-published stories about the detention of Uyghur Muslims and the origins of the coronavirus at the top of Google, YouTube and Bing searches. In a report published Friday, researchers at the Brookings Institution and the Alliance for Securing Democracy found that Chinese … Read more

How to use conditional formatting to highlight rank in Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel’s RANK.EQ() function ranks a set of values, but in a busy sheet, the top-ranking items might get lost. You can combine RANK.EQ() with a conditional formatting rule to highlight the top-ranking items so they’re easy to find. Image: Viktor Pazemin / Adobe Stock Microsoft Excel’s RANK.EQ() function shows the relationship between values by … Read more