BMW’s M Hybrid V8 LMDh Race Car Debuts Rad Livery for Testing

BMW is the latest automaker jumping into the LMDh ring, releasing the first images of its new M Hybrid V8 race car (yes, that’s it real name). While the M Hybrid V8 is wearing an awesome M-themed camouflage livery for testing purposes, this gives us a great look at how cool the race car’s design … Read more

NASA Releases Totally Rad Roman Telescope Retro Video Game

The ’80s are so hot right now. NASA’s Nancy Grace Roman Telescopewhich will focus on dark matter and distant exoplanets, isn’t scheduled to launch until the mid-2020s, but you can get hyped up in advance by playing an entertaining retro video game that challenges you to capture as many galaxies, supernovae, planets and black holes as … Read more