Could this ‘quiet company’ kick open the IPO window? – TechCrunch

Earlier this monthThe Exchange took a look at quieter companies that have been growing consistently before, during, and after the 2021 venture capital peak. The startups and unicorns that didn’t raise at 50x or 100x ARR last year may be the companies most ready to kick open the IPO window at some point in the … Read more

The revenge of the quiet companies – TechCrunch

In startup landit’s easy to get distracted by the brightest lights. Some companies excel, earning the business equivalent of a halo, casting their own luminance. And then, of course, there are the implosions and crashes that kick off waves of photons that inevitably blanket our pages. During the pandemic, companies like Zoom and Peloton earned … Read more

‘Mars is very quiet,’ but Perseverance rover still captures Martian sounds for science – TechCrunch

The microphone aboard Mars Rover Perseverance has captured quite a lot of fascinating noises in its explorations, however for probably the most half, “a deep silence prevails” on the Pink Planet. You’ll be able to nonetheless hear the “puff, whir, zap” of the rover’s instruments, the hum of the Ingenuity helicopter, and the woosh of … Read more