Group of security companies launches open source project to ease data sharing – TechCrunch

It’s long been known that security is not a problem that companies, even large corporations, can solve on their own. It takes a community working together to battle the kinds of problems that companies are facing today when it comes to cybersecurity. This morning at the Black Hat USA conference in Las Vegas; AWS, Splunk … Read more

How to create a Gantt chart when your project data is in Microsoft Planner

When your tasks are in Microsoft Planner and you need Gantt charts, take a look at this third-party app. Image: vladim_ka/Adobe Stock Gantt charts are a vital part of task management when a project has to meet deadlines. These charts track tasks belonging to a larger project to help everyone meet their deadlines. Microsoft Planner … Read more

How to filter Asana by project

Jack Wallen guides you through filtering your Asana tasks by project or across multiple projects and apply additional filters. Image: Adobe Stock What’s hot at TechRepublic Asana is an outstanding project management platform that offers just about everything you can imagine, from Kanban boards, lists, timelines, calendars, workflows, dashboards, messages, file management, and more. If … Read more

A Grad Student’s Side Project Proves a Prime Number Conjecture

as the atoms of arithmetic, prime numbers have always occupied a special place on the number line. Now, Jared Duker Lichtman, a 26-year-old graduate student at the University of Oxford, has resolved a well-known conjecture, establishing another facet of what makes the primes special—and, in some sense, even optimal. “It gives you a larger context … Read more

Become a Successful Project Manager with this Training

The Ultimate Project & Quality Management Certification Training Bundle will teach you how to deliver projects on time and under budget. Image: StackCommerce Companies are always looking for ways to operate more efficiently. That means improving in-house technology as well as investing in talent that knows how to effectively manage projects and quality. In the … Read more

Dish says Project Genesis 5G is available in 100 cities, so we tried to sign up

On Tuesday, Dish Network said its “Project Genesis” 5G cellular plan was available to the public in over 120 US cities after a month of testing in Las Vegas, Nevada. Per an agreement with the government, which you can read about here, it had to launch it by June 14th. Otherwise, it would face millions … Read more

Project A Ventures closes its fourth fund, hitting $375M, the largest to date – TechCrunch

Project A Ventures launched 10 years ago in Berlin when a handful of a ex-Rocket Internet players decided they’d try their own hand at this startup stuff. Since then they’ve done pretty well, investing early in some of the biggest European tech companies, such as Trade Republic, Kry, sennder, WorldRemit, Spryker, and Voi. The VC has … Read more

Amazon’s troubled drone delivery project is finally taking off

Amazon is taking steps to get its long-delayed drone delivery project off the ground. The company announced that it would launch its inaugural drone delivery service in the town of Lockeford, California, later this year after it receives the green light from the Federal Aviation Administration. If the regulatory approval goes through, it will be … Read more