Meta infringes Voxer live streaming patents

Meta has been ordered to pay Walkie-Talkie messaging app creator Voxer $175 million as a fine. A jury in a Texas federal court found that the social media giant violated two live-streaming patents. Meta violates the patent on its Facebook Live and Instagram Live. The patents were developed by Voxer co-founder Tom Katis, a U.S. … Read more

Apple, HTC, ZTE LTE-Capable Devices Didn’t Violate INVT’s Wireless Patents, US Appeals Court Says

A US appeals court on Wednesday reportedly ruled in favour of Apple, HTC and ZTE over claims that imports of their devices violate wireless technology patents held by INVT. The US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit reportedly said that smartphones and other devices by Apple, HTC and ZTE do not infringe INVT’s rights … Read more