Microsoft Office files opened in Google Docs, Sheets or Slides now automatically sync for offline use

Offline work with Google Docs, Sheets and Slides in either Chrome or Microsoft Edge gets easier for Word, Excel and PowerPoint format files. In June 2022, Google announced a seemingly small update to Google Docs, Sheets and Slides. Now, on a computer, if you have enabled offline access for files stored on Google Drive, the … Read more

Acronis Cyber Protect Home Office: More than just a backup solution

The number of cybersecurity protection tools on the market is staggering, which makes it challenging to decide which to use. Acronis has one tool that stands out in the pack. Read on to see if this tool is right for you. Image: VectorMine/Adobe Stock Acronis has been known for its enterprise-grade backup solution for years. … Read more

Keysfan Father’s Day Sale: Office 2021 from $13.73, Windows 10 from $6.21!

Whether you need to work with a text document, analyze data, or prepare a presentation, Microsoft Office is the king of applications. With this tool you can access popular applications such as Word, Excel or Powerpoint.The Office 2021 Pro license is not a cheap affair, which is probably something that everyone who wanted to buy … Read more

‘Potentially dangerous’ Office 365 flaw discovered

Proofpoint says the piece of functionality allows ransomware to encrypt files stored on Microsoft SharePoint and OneDrive. Image: Adobe Stock Security firm Proofpoint has uncovered what it calls a “potentially dangerous piece of functionality” in Microsoft Office 365 that allows ransomware to encrypt files stored on SharePoint and OneDrive in a way that renders them … Read more

This Week in Elon: Come back to the office, you’re fired

Hello! Welcome (or welcome back) to This Week in Elon, The Verge’s occasionally revived newsletter for when there’s Too Much Elon News. And, I mean, there’s always too much Elon news. But what’s happening right now feels worth digging into more deeply. So, let’s get into it. On Tuesday, Musk demanded Tesla employees come back … Read more

Reorienting your virtual hires to work in the office

While it might seem like a non-issue, your pandemic hires may be feeling disconnected and confused. Image: fizkes/shutterstock Must-read CXO coverage Among the various concerns facing tech leaders, recent hires from the era of pandemic-induced remote working may not rank high on their lists. After all, these employees are likely people with whom other staff … Read more

Google Reportedly Backs Down on Office Demands as Contractors Threaten to Strike

Return to office remains a contentious issue in Silicon Valley, and a group of Google contractors are pushing back. Google Maps contractors were told they had to return to office on June 6 but have received a 90-day extension three hours after telling management they were going on strike, according to a tweet Thursday by … Read more

Follina abuses Microsoft Office to execute remote code

A vulnerability dubbed “Follina” could allow attackers to gain full system control of affected systems. Learn more about it and how to protect yourself from it, Image: Adobe Stock CVE-2022-30190, also known as “Follina”, is a remote code execution (RCE) vulnerability that affects Microsoft Office, reported on May 27, 2022. How can Follina vulnerability be … Read more