The Pico 4 is better than the Oculus Quest 2, so why isn’t it coming to the U.S.?

When most people think of VR these days, it’s almost always accompanied by thoughts of Beat Saber or Oculus. At the moment, VR is unlike any other tech sector because it has only one real leader: Meta. But there’s one up-and-coming brand, Pico, that has a very real chance of challenging Meta. It’s just a … Read more

Halo VR multiplayer unofficially comes to the Oculus Quest 2

What you need to know Halo maps and weapons can be enjoyed in VR on the Meta Quest 2 in the game Contractors. These “mods” are official in-game modes and don’t require headset modding or third-party downloads. Contractors is a multiplayer shooting game on the Meta Quest 2 that retails for $19.99 and allows players … Read more

Oculus Quest 2 will make experimental 120Hz graphics boost permanent

What you need to know Oculus Quest 2 apps and games will soon be able to default to a 120Hz display, up from the current default of 90Hz. The 120Hz mode has been available for Quest 2 headsets since last year, but only as an experimental feature. John Carmack said developers should consider increasing from … Read more

Best Oculus Quest 2 games 2022

Among the several hundred games and apps on the Oculus Quest storefront, most of them cost between $10 and $40 while only offering about three to five hours of gameplay on average. The Oculus Store isn’t like Steam, where you can build up huge libraries for cheap; and 64GB or 128GB headset owners have to … Read more

Future Oculus Quests won’t be using Meta’s own VR chipsets any time soon

What you need to know Meta and Qualcomm have signed a multi-year deal to use Snapdragon XR chipsets in Meta Quest VR headsets. This is a continuation of the partnership that Meta and Qualcomm have had for the past seven years. Meta had previously tried to develop its own XR chipsets and OS, but abandoned … Read more

Latest Fortnite update hints at potential Oculus Quest 2 version

What you need to know A famous Fortnite leaker has found references to “Oculus” in Fortnite’s code. These references first appeared on the last update for Chapter 3 Season 3 on August 30, 2022. Meta has previously partnered with big studios to bring games like Resident Evil 4 and GTA: San Andreas to the Quest. … Read more

Best Oculus Quest 2 prices and deals: June 2022

As you might have noticed, VR gaming is currently experiencing a massive surge in popularity, which means Oculus Quest 2 deals can be pretty rare. But with upcoming sale events like Amazon’s Prime Day just around the corner, it’s likely we’ll finally see some solid discounts on the popular headset. Whenever that eventually does happen, … Read more