The Absolute Best Horror Movies on Netflix

Netflix is home to such a stunning range of horror movies that this introduction is going to be a list of the titles that didn’t make the main recommendations. Try Forgotten (2017), a South Korean psychological thriller or British horror film The Ritual (2017). There’s also the recently-added It (2017), based on Stephen King’s novel; The … Read more

Here’s When the New Stranger Things Episodes Hit Netflix in Your Time Zone

Stranger Things is heading towards its final episodes of the latest season. Set six months after the gang’s showdown with the Mind Flayer at season 3’s climaxseason 4 takes the cast and spreads them across four different locations, including Russia and California. It’s been awesome so far. It’s not just the cast that’s spread out, but … Read more

Keep Sweet on Netflix: What Happened to Warren Jeffs and the FLDS?

If you just finished watching the Netflix documentaryKeep Sweet: Pray and Obey, you’ll be aware of Warren Jeffs and the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. You’ll also be aware of the horrific crimes undertaken by the show’s main players. Keep Sweet: Pray and Obey is a brutal, eye-opening documentary about the effects … Read more

Acclaimed strategy game Into the Breach comes to mobile via Netflix

Into the Breachthe sci-fi turn-based strategy game from the makers of FTL: Faster Than Lightwill be available on iOS and Android as part of a Netflix subscription beginning July 19th, developer Subset Games announced Thursday. Since late last year, Netflix has offered a selection of mobile games that subscribers can play for free. The company … Read more

Netflix Lays Off About 300 Employees in Latest Round of Cuts

Netflix confirmed it laid off “around 300 employees” on Thursday. It’s the streaming giant’s latest round of job cuts so far this year as it faces slowing growth. The layoffs were earlier reported by Variety. Netflix also cut 150 jobs in May, after it had eliminated a number of jobs at its fandom website, Tudum, … Read more

Netflix cuts around 300 jobs after losing subscribers

Netflix is cutting around 300 jobs today as part of a second round of layoffs. The company previously laid off around 150 employees and dozens of contractors in May. The layoffs impact “many different teams” and mostly workers in the US, though international roles are being cut as well, Netflix spokesperson Bao Nguyen said in … Read more

Netflix Co-CEO Says It’s Seeking Ads Partnerships, Not a Roku Takeover

Netflix’s co-CEO Ted Sarandos said the streaming giants is holding talks with multiple advertising companies about partnerships that would help it introduce a cheaper membership with ads, according to reports. “We’re talking to all of them right now,” Sarandos said Thursday, according to Reuters, when he was asked on a panel about the advertising companies … Read more