The Absolute Best Horror Movies on Netflix

Netflix is home to such a stunning range of horror movies that this introduction is going to be a list of the titles that didn’t make the main recommendations. Try Blood Red Sky (2021), a British-German action horror; Forgotten (2017), a South Korean psychological thriller; or British horror film The Ritual (2017). There’s also It (2017), … Read more

The Best New Christmas Movies Coming to Netflix, HBO Max and More

A swath of new Christmas movies tumble out of the stocking each year. While most conjure the Christmas cheer you’re after, they’re not all necessarily attention-holding tales. Thankfully, a handful do fill the brief of new Christmas movie worth adding to your crowded watch list. Let’s run through the best to come out of 2022. … Read more

Netflix will let subscribers preview blockbuster movies next year

American streaming platform, Netflix has been facing a mixed period in the market. While the platform lost subscribers back in September, it gained them a few months ago. Netflix has since said that it will stop password sharing under certain conditions. According to a recent report, the company will allow its tens of thousands of … Read more

Netflix is expanding its early feedback program to more subscribers

Netflix currently has a relatively small group of about 2,000 subscribers who it invites to preview upcoming projects and provide feedback about them ahead of release, but that number’s about to grow significantly as the streamer looks to maximize its profits in an increasingly competitive streaming market. The Wall Street Journal reports that Netflix plans … Read more

Amazon’s poached Mike Flanagan from Netflix with an exclusive TV production deal

While Mike Flanagan’s forthcoming The Fall of the House of Usher series based on the works of Edgar Allan Poe is still headed to Netflix, the Haunting of Hill House creator is getting ready to take his talents to another streaming platform that’s likely looking to beef up its horror catalogue. In a public statement … Read more

Netflix is letting more subscribers preview its films and TV shows, report says • TechCrunch

Content is king for streaming services, and Netflix may be going the extra mile to ensure its content is up to par with subscribers. According to the Wall Street Journal, Netflix’s prerelease screening program will soon enlist tens of thousands of subscribers to preview new movies and shows and provide their feedback. Netflix declined to … Read more

Netflix Might Let You Preview an Upcoming Show or Movie, Report Says

Netflix Might Let You Preview an Upcoming Show or Movie, Report Says – CNET Want CNET to notify you of price drops and the latest stories? The “Preview Club” expansion is slated for early next year, according to the Wall Street Journal. Based in Boston, Marcos Cabello is a personal finance reporter for NextAdvisor and … Read more