How to create a Gantt chart when your project data is in Microsoft Planner

When your tasks are in Microsoft Planner and you need Gantt charts, take a look at this third-party app. Image: vladim_ka/Adobe Stock Gantt charts are a vital part of task management when a project has to meet deadlines. These charts track tasks belonging to a larger project to help everyone meet their deadlines. Microsoft Planner … Read more

Microsoft Office files opened in Google Docs, Sheets or Slides now automatically sync for offline use

Offline work with Google Docs, Sheets and Slides in either Chrome or Microsoft Edge gets easier for Word, Excel and PowerPoint format files. In June 2022, Google announced a seemingly small update to Google Docs, Sheets and Slides. Now, on a computer, if you have enabled offline access for files stored on Google Drive, the … Read more

Best Prime Day Tablet Deals: Save $40 on an iPad Air, $281 on a Microsoft Surface Pro 8

Apple’s venerable iPad dominates the tablet scene. And while many buyers continue to zig toward an iPad, there are a few reasons why you might zag and choose an Android tablet or a Windows tablet instead. Perhaps you’re looking for an affordable tablet for your kid. If you use an Android phone, getting a tablet … Read more

Microsoft Edge gets new Xbox and PC gaming performance features

Microsoft is making its Edge browser a little more gamer-friendly today thanks to some Xbox and PC gaming improvements. Alongside a new gaming-focused homepage and casual games integration, Edge is also getting a Clarity Boost to improve Xbox Cloud Gaming streams and an efficiency mode to prevent Edge from taking PC resources when a game … Read more

How to quickly rearrange pages in Microsoft Word

Moving entire pages takes a bit of effort because Microsoft Word doesn’t recognize them. It’s a bit awkward unless you know these three techniques for rearranging pages in Word. Image: dennizn/Adobe Stock Rearranging content in a Microsoft Word document is easy most of the time. You can quickly select sentences, paragraphs, graphics and so on … Read more

How to use a custom sort on slicer buttons in Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel sorts slider buttons alphabetically and numerically. Fortunately, you can add a custom sort list to sort the buttons in a more meaningful way, when necessary. Image: IB Photography/Adobe Stock If you do a lot of analyzing and summarizing by groups, you probably build your fair share of PivotTables and slicers. When you base … Read more

Russians can no longer download Windows 10 and 11 from Microsoft site

Microsoft, without any announcement, has closed Russian access to downloading Windows 10 and 11 OS images, as well as the Media Creation Tool utility. We have no comments from the corporation yet; however, by experience it was possible to determine that users can bypass the restriction by changing the IP address and language of the … Read more

Microsoft and Meta join Google in using AI to help run their data centers – TechCrunch

Data centers, which drive the apps, websites, and services that billions of people use every day, can be hazardous places for the workers that build and maintain them. Workers sometimes have to service a data center’s electrical equipment while it’s being energized. And they can become exposed to chemicals like chlorine, which is used as … Read more