‘Lightyear’: When Does the Pixar Movie Land on Disney Plus?

It’s that time of the year again. Another major Disney movie is out now in theaters: Lightyear, an animated Pixar film about the astronaut who inspired the toy from the Toy Story series. Confused by that description? Here’s CNET’s review diving into what exactly this movie is about. What’s also confusing: Recently, Pixar movies have … Read more

‘Obi-Wan Kenobi’: When Does Episode 5 Land on Disney Plus?

Obi-Wan Kenobi‘s schedule on Disney Plus is a tricky one. It’s moved around more than the shifting sands of Tatooine. The show has been fantastic so far and if you’re looking for recapsparticularly for the last episode, we’ve got you covered. Here’s when you can watch episode 5 of Obi-Wan Kenobi… Obi-Wan Kenobi episode release … Read more

‘Spider-Man: No Way Home, The More Fun Stuff Version’ to Land in Theaters

Spider-Man: No Way Home gave us more Spider-Men. Now Sony and Marvel are promising more “fun stuff.” On Friday night, The Spider-Man: No Way Home Twitter account touted a seemingly extended cut of the blockbuster, called Spider-Man: No Way Home, The More Fun Stuff Version. It’s scheduled to land in theaters at the start of … Read more

Huge Croc-Faced Dinosaur Discovered: ‘Europe’s Largest Land Predator’

Let’s dial back time to 125 million years ago. A 33-foot-long (10-meter-long) crocodile-faced dinosaur prowled across what’s now England’s Isle of Wight. If you were a prey animal at that time and you came across that spinosaurid, you’d have thought, “Oh, hell no.” The “White Rock spinosaurid,” named for the geological layer in which it … Read more

Jaguar Land Rover rolls out What3words geocoding tech to vehicles already on the road – TechCrunch

Jaguar Land Rover is the latest automaker to integrate geocoding company what3words into its cars and SUVs. JLR said Thursday that it will incorporate both its new and used vehicles with the voice-activated what3words system, which divides the world into a grid to give each 100-square-foot area an address of three random words. The rollout … Read more

Jaguar Land Rover Adds What3words Location Tech to New and Older Cars

Jaguar and Land Rover vehicles will get What3words location technology designed to make it easier to find spots on the planet that don’t have street addresses, and even some that do, the companies said Thursday. What3words’ applies three-word labels to every 10-foot-square patch on Earth. Smartphone apps, the company’s website and some navigation systems can … Read more

2023 Land Rover Defender 130 Has 8 Seats, More Space, Uglier Looks

What’s happening Land Rover revealed the new longer Defender 130 variant. Why it matters It has 8 seats and more room for passengers and cargo. What’s next It goes on sale later this year for $69,350. Land Rover is further expanding its Defender lineup with the 2023 Defender 130a longer model with eight seats and … Read more