The Pico 4 is better than the Oculus Quest 2, so why isn’t it coming to the U.S.?

When most people think of VR these days, it’s almost always accompanied by thoughts of Beat Saber or Oculus. At the moment, VR is unlike any other tech sector because it has only one real leader: Meta. But there’s one up-and-coming brand, Pico, that has a very real chance of challenging Meta. It’s just a … Read more

Why Snapchat Isn’t Jumping on the ‘Metaverse’ Bandwagon

Facebook generated a lot of buzz about the metaverse when it renamed itself Meta last year, but one of its competitors isn’t completely buying into the social network’s vision of the future. The metaverse involves creating virtual spaces where people can work, play and socialize. On Wednesday, Recode co-founder and tech journalist Kara Swisher asked … Read more

Mount Rainier Isn’t Erupting, It’s Just Wearing a Cloud Hat

Mount Rainier is a scenic jewel of a mountain in Washington state. It’s also an active stratovolcano that the United States Geological Survey says has a “very high” threat potential. So you can see why a white streamer emanating from the top might make observers wonder if it was about to blow its top. But … Read more

PlayStation’s Jim Ryan isn’t happy with Xbox’s Call of Duty offer, calling it “inadequate

What you need to know Microsoft purchased gaming giant Activision Blizzard for nearly $70 billion earlier in the year. Companies, governments, and regulatory boards have since had many questions about the future exclusivity of franchises, specifically Call of Duty. Xbox head Phil Spencer made a commitment that Call of Duty would be available on Xbox … Read more

Trump’s Truth Social still isn’t on the Play Store as Google cites concerns about content

What you need to know Donald Trump launched his own social media platform, dubbed Truth Social earlier this year. The platform has been available on the Apple App Store but not on Android’s Play Store. Google says it has not accepted app submissions due to the lack of content moderation. Earlier this year, Trump’s Twitter … Read more

In a down market, good messaging isn’t enough for managing international teams – TechCrunch

Companies are clamping down on budgets, but startup CEOs shouldn’t assume that costs will go down just because it was decided they need to. They need to go in with eyes wide open. The realities of execution are far different than simply slashing the bottom 20% performers, especially when even the most limited international operations … Read more

Now Isn’t the Time to Buy a New iPhone: Wait Until Apple’s September Event

Unless you absolutely need a new iPhone right now, you should wait a few weeks, as Apple is likely to reveal its rumored iPhone 14 lineup at its upcoming Sept. 7 event. Even if you have no interest in the newest iPhone, that reveal will also bring price cuts across Apple’s phone lineup, meaning a … Read more

‘Top Gun: Maverick’ Isn’t Streaming, Even With $20 Digital Sales Live Now

Top Gun: Maverick hit cinemas in time for Memorial Day’s kickoff of summer. Riding the lift of glowing reviews and a surge of moviegoers flocking to big blockbusters, it surpassed $1 billion at the box office worldwide to become the year’s top-grossing movie. In July, it eclipsed 45 days in theaters, the point when other movies by the … Read more

Nintendo says Splatoon 3’s Shiver isn’t nonbinary

Following the mid-August Nintendo Direct that showed off what to expect with Splatoon 3fans of the game speculated that Shiver, one of the faces in the new game, might identify as nonbinary. So we asked Nate Bihldorff, Nintendo’s SVP of development and publishing, who confirmed to The Verge that Shiver identifies as female. And that … Read more