WhatsApp Reportedly Working on Quick Replay Feature for Messages, Beta-Testing Security on iOS

Reports have revealed that WhatsApp is trying to introduce something that will increase the speed of listening to audio while playing them back. This will work in a similar way that audio data can be boosted up to 1.5x or 2x while being played back. An audio message is basically a transmitted voice message or … Read more

Twitter’s closed caption toggle is now available on iOS and Android

Twitter has announced that a button to toggle captions for its video player is now available for everyone on iOS and Android. The button, which shows up in the top-right corner of the video if it has captions available, lets you choose whether you want to see written descriptions. Twitter started testing this feature in … Read more

Apple iOS 16 to Bring Message Filter for Dual-SIM iPhones; Reportedly Fixing Edit Message Feature

Apple is adding a message filter on iOS 16 for people using two SIMs on their iPhones. The new feature will filter messages received by a user into two different categories based on the SIM on which the SMS or iMessage is coming through. The tech giant is reportedly also attempting to improve the edit … Read more

Google Chrome’s latest update on iOS brings improved security, the Discover feed and more – TechCrunch

As part of a broader update to its Chrome web browser, Google announced today a handful new features coming to the latest build of Chrome on iOS. Among the key additions, the Chrome app is gaining access to Google’s Enhanced Safe Browsing feature which proactively warns you about dangerous web pages. Other updates include user … Read more

Google Warns of New Spyware Targeting iOS and Android Users

In hearings this week, the notorious spyware vendor NSO group told European legislators that at least five EU countries have used its powerful Pegasus surveillance malware. But as ever more comes to light about the reality of how NSO’s products have been abused around the world, researchers are also working to raise awareness that the … Read more

iOS 16 Offers Editable Messages, but They Might Not Be Compatible With Older Phones

When Apple announced iOS 16 earlier this month, the ability to edit iMessages was among the software update’s most attractive new features. However, it doesn’t show up quite so cleanly on devices that haven’t updated to iOS 16, 9to5Mac reported. If an iOS 16 user sends a message and then edits it, devices running iOS 15 … Read more

Chrome for iOS is getting better protections against malicious sites

Enhanced Safe Browsing, the Chrome feature that offers to share website URLs with Google to help it maintain a database of potentially dangerous sites, is coming to the browser’s iOS app, Google announced today as part of a collection of browser updates. The feature has previously been available on Android and desktop versions of Chrome, … Read more

iOS 16 Will Make Your iPhone’s Lock Screen More Useful

This story is part of WWDC 2022CNET’s complete coverage from and about Apple’s annual developers conference. Your iPhone’s lock screen has the important job of guarding your personal data and apps from onlookers. But otherwise, it does little more than show the time, display notifications and provide fast access to the camera and flashlight. Thankfully, … Read more

iOS 16’s editable iMessages may not play nice with older iPhones

The ability to edit and unsend messages was one of the flagship features of iOS 16 announced earlier this month, but the functionality may not work well if you’re messaging anyone who’s not using the latest version of Apple’s software. The latest iOS developer beta 16 includes a messy workaround to allow newly editable iMessages … Read more