Here’s India’s TOP AnTuTu smartphones for July 2022

If you’ve restlessly been looking for India’s best AnTuTu smartphones for July 2022, you’ve come to the right place. AnTuTu benchmarking is an effective method of determining a smartphone’s performance. The platform releases a list of top-performing Android phones each month. Earlier this year, AnTuTu released the list of best Android phones in May. Now, … Read more

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Deal terms look different in a downturn. Here’s what to watch out for – TechCrunch

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Google Pixel 4 Face Unlock System Helping Researchers Detect Alzheimer’s: Here’s How

Google Pixel 4 series was plagued by many issues, but it seems that researchers have found at least one use case for its Face Unlock system. A team at University of California San Diego (UC SD) is using the IR sensor, arguably one of the best features of the smartphone, in detecting signs of Alzheimer’s … Read more

Here’s Why It’s So Hard to Stop Robocalls

There’s a good reason you’re still afraid to answer your phone when an unknown number pops up. For years, the telecommunications industry has been trying to curb robocalls, the frustrating and potentially dangerous spam calls that try to scam anyone who picks up the phone. But even after significant milestones in defense—including the introduction of … Read more