Q1 performance data shows maturing fund vintages aren’t doomed

It can be hard to tell how venture capital firms are doing. Sometimes it’s easier after a big exit, like Figma’s last week, which gave us a window into the sizable returns some of its early backers, including Index Ventures and Greylock, could capitalize on. But VC firms are usually an opaque bunch when it … Read more

‘How doomed are we?’ and more questions for a climate expert – TechCrunch

Thanks in no small part to the fossil-fueled cult of obstructionism, we’re on track to blow past the 1.5 degrees Celsius global-warming threshold laid out in the 2016 Paris Agreement. Without sweeping change, we can expect “more melting ice, higher sea levels, more heatwaves and other extreme weather,” per the World Meteorological Organization. And that’ll … Read more

What hostile takeovers are (and why they’re usually doomed) – TechCrunch

Because of the machinations of a sure billionaire, the phrase “hostile takeover” has been liberally bandied concerning the media sphere just lately. However whereas it way back entered the mainstream lexicon, “hostile takeover” carries with it an air of vagueness — and legalese opaqueness. At a excessive stage, a hostile takeover happens when an organization … Read more

Is 2022 the year encryption is doomed?

Picture: Cisco Talos Quantum know-how that the world’s superpowers are creating, if profitable, will render many present encryption algorithms out of date in a single day. Whoever has entry to this know-how will be capable to learn virtually any encrypted knowledge or message. Should-read safety protection Organizations want to concentrate to this rising know-how and … Read more