How to create a Gantt chart when your project data is in Microsoft Planner

When your tasks are in Microsoft Planner and you need Gantt charts, take a look at this third-party app. Image: vladim_ka/Adobe Stock Gantt charts are a vital part of task management when a project has to meet deadlines. These charts track tasks belonging to a larger project to help everyone meet their deadlines. Microsoft Planner … Read more

Google’s Parti Generator Relies on 20 Billion Inputs to Create Photorealistic Images

Google unveiled Thursday its Parti text-to-image computer model, which renders hyperrealistic images by studying tens of billions of inputs. Pathways Autoregressive Text-to-Image, or Parti, studies sets of images, which Google calls “image tokens,” using them to construct new images, the search giant said on a research website. Parti’s images become more realistic when it has … Read more

Amazon launches Ground Truth Synthetics to create virtual objects for AI model training – TechCrunch

It takes massive amounts of data to train AI models. But sometimes, that data simply isn’t available from real-world sources, so data scientists use synthetic data to make up for that. In machine vision applications, that means creating different environments and objects to train robots or self-driving cars, for example. But while there are quite … Read more

Facebook Pay rebrands to Meta Pay as Zuckerberg details plans to create a digital wallet for the metaverse – TechCrunch

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced this week that Facebook Pay has officially been renamed Meta Pay. The current product features and overall user experience that people are used to with Facebook Pay will remain the same across across Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and Messenger. The change is rolling out in the United States and will then … Read more

How to create a dashboard in Power Bi (Guide with Examples)

Follow this step-by-step guide on creating and customizing dashboards in Microsoft’s Power BI. You’ll also learn how to set up and manage dashboard alerts. Image: vladim_ka/Adobe Stock Microsoft’s Power BI dashboards tell a story and reveal key insights and patterns that could otherwise be lost in data sheets. Using dashboards, organizations can make better, more … Read more

How to create a custom list style in a Microsoft Word document

Image: white / Adobe Stock Have you ever sent a document with numbered lists to your home account or to a co-worker and noticed that the lists don’t look the same on another system? That’s because Word’s numbered list feature stores properties locally. That means you can’t control how Word renders numbered lists on other … Read more

The race to create the perfect home setup service is on, as Just Move raises $5M – TechCrunch

In recent years startups have turned their attention to what’s known as ‘home setup services’. This is where utilities and moving-in are all aggregated into one package which is managed digitally, (hopefully), making two whole moving home process a lot easier and a lot less stressful. Updater in the US launched over 10 years ago … Read more