Logitech G Cloud Review: Don’t Call It a Cloud Gaming Mini Console

It’s hard to get excited about the Logitech G Cloud, but it’s hard to hate it as well. Fundamentally, it’s a small Android tablet with a nonremovable controller and a custom launcher; you can also run it as a generic tablet. In contrast, a device like the upcoming Razer Edge is a similar, small Android … Read more

Get lifetime 1TB of cloud storage for just $140

Take advantage of Koofr’s lifetime subscription to 1TB of cloud storage. You can even hook up this platform to your other online accounts. Image: phonlamaiphoto/Adobe Stock Pretty much all of the tech giants offer cloud storage nowadays. However, you can easily find yourself shelling out serious money to store your digital data. As a more … Read more

Eufy Cameras Caught Sending Local-Only Data to Cloud Servers

In light of privacy infringements and security flaws from home security camera companies such as Wyze, Ring and Google in recent years, we’ve recommended treating your camera as though it has already been compromised. Most recently, China-based electronics manufacturer Anker and its popular security and doorbell camera brand Eufy have reinforced that point. According to … Read more

AWS SimSpace Weaver can run city-sized simulations in the Cloud • TechCrunch

At this morning’s Re:Invent keynote in Las Vegas, Amazon unveiled AWS SimSpace Weaver, a computing service that allows developers to run city-sized simulations at scale in the cloud. The service is designed to free simulation developers from the constraints of their own hardware. Amazon’s proposed applications here are city managers simulating a natural disaster to … Read more

Edtech Saasguru wants to fix the cloud talent shortage at scale • TechCrunch

Cloud tech companies are facing a significant cloud skills shortage, making it hard to hire people and difficult to make sure their current workforce’s skills are up to date. Australia- and US-based Saasguru wants to narrow the gap with an edtech platform designed for new graduates and tech workers who want to become better at … Read more

Workday: Life Inside an HR and Finance Cloud

Image: Sundry Photography/Adobe Stock A cloud computing instance is a compute and storage “lump” located inside a data center, usually on a blade server, often with optimizations for particular use case types. The whole package is delivered to a specific license contract, but some clouds are aligned for specific industry application scenarios, so how would … Read more

The future of cloud computing in 2023

Suresh Vittal, chief product officer at Alteryx, looks ahead and offers views on why cloud is a remarkably underutilized technology. Image: idambeer/Adobe Stock Cloud has topped the “one to watch” technology lists of every pundit, analyst and business leader for the last two decades. Touted as the solution to immortality, health, wealth, happiness and space … Read more

Microsoft Azure vs. Google Cloud Platform: A Cheat Sheet

Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud both offer cloud solutions. This guide outlines the differences between the platforms and includes tips for your evaluation. Image: phonlamaiphoto/Adobe Stock Looking to move data around in the cloud? Moving massive amounts of data has become a backbone of business. It might involve switching from one cloud to another, performing … Read more

Google Cloud partners with Indian startup SuperGaming to offer gaming engine to developers • TechCrunch

Google Cloud has partnered with SuperGaming to offer the Indian gaming startup’s proprietary gaming engine, SuperPlatform, to developers worldwide, the latest in a series of recent steps from the Android-maker to expand focus into the gaming industry. The cloud arm of the search giant said Thursday that as part of its partnership, it will offer … Read more