A closer look at Google’s remote-controlled $30 Chromecast • TechCrunch

To get a roundup of TechCrunch’s biggest and most important stories delivered to your inbox every day at 3 p.m. PDT, subscribe here. Hey, folks! Chromecasts have been a hacker and nerd favorite for a moment or two, and we’re pretty psyched to see the price (with a remote!) dropping to $30. Apropos hardware, Brian … Read more

NASA’s Giant SLS Rocket Is One Step Closer to Launch

NASA engineers finally tanked the massive Space Launch System rocket with fuel Monday night, getting through most of the last crucial test before its inaugural flight. After reviewing their trove of data from the test, the team will decide this summer’s launch date for the world’s most powerful rocket, part of the first major mission … Read more

SpaceX Says It’s ‘One Step Closer’ To Launching Starship

SpaceX has cleared a major hurdle toward sending Starship to spacebut it has a list of changes to make before Elon Musk’s Mars rocket can fly. The Federal Aviation Administration on Monday said it’s completed an environmental assessment of the company’s plan to send the next-generation vehicle to orbit for the first time. After months … Read more

NHTSA Upgrades Tesla Autopilot Investigation, One Step Closer to Recall

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration last August opened an investigation into Tesla’s Autopilot driver-assist system, focused on crashes involving emergency vehicles when Autopilot was active. Now, it’s upgrading that investigation, which brings the probe one step closer to becoming a possible recall. NHTSA this week announced that it was upgrading its inquiry into approximately … Read more

Mandatory USB-C phone port edges closer after EU deal

European Union lawmakers have reached an agreement on proposed legislation that would force all future smartphones, including Apple’s iPhone, to use the universal USB-C port for charging. Alongside phones, the rules will also apply to other electronic devices including tablets, digital cameras, and e-readers. As well as agreeing to use the common charging port, an … Read more

Solid Power’s pilot production line brings road-tripping solid-state batteries closer to reality – TechCrunch

Solid Power, a solid-state battery company, today unveiled a pilot production line for EV-sized cells that will be sent to automotive partners for testing. The move represents another step in the steady march toward solid-state lithium-ion batteries, which promise to bring unprecedented range and safety to electric vehicles. “We validated that we can use industry-standard … Read more

New York gets closer to cracking down on Amazon’s warehouse production quotas

New York’s State Assembly passed the Warehouse Worker Protection Act (WWPA) on Friday, a bill that would require Amazon and other companies to disclose production quotas to workers, as first reported by CNBC. If New York Governor Kathy Hochul (D) signs it into law, it would also prevent employees from having to meet quotas that … Read more

Meta’s new Reels video editing tools draw their creator experience closer to TikTok’s

In a blog post on Thursday, Meta said that it’s globally rolling out new creator tools for its TikTok competitor, Reels, on both Instagram and Facebook. The handful of new tools will make it easier for creators to skip using TikTok to edit short clips and help encourage people to create original content using Reels, … Read more

Joby Aviation inches closer to getting full government approval for its electric air taxis

Joby Aviation, a leading electric aviation company based in Northern California, announced that it has received its first certification from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). The agency awarded the company with a Part 135 Air Carrier Certification, which Joby will need to operate an on-demand air taxi service. The certification was awarded ahead of schedule, … Read more