Q1 performance data shows maturing fund vintages aren’t doomed

It can be hard to tell how venture capital firms are doing. Sometimes it’s easier after a big exit, like Figma’s last week, which gave us a window into the sizable returns some of its early backers, including Index Ventures and Greylock, could capitalize on. But VC firms are usually an opaque bunch when it … Read more

Yelp update to warn consumers Crisis Pregnancy Centers aren’t abortion care providers – TechCrunch

Following the overturn of Roe V. Wade, companies have been bolstering efforts and navigating the legal landscape to provide care to birthing people. Yelp is now following suit. The company announced, in an exclusive first shared with Axios, that it will add a consumer notice to crisis pregnancy centers (CPC) to differentiate them from abortion … Read more

Elvis Weddings Aren’t Leaving Las Vegas, Report Says

Want to get hitched by the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll? It looks like the option is sticking around in Las Vegas. The licensing company that controls Elvis Presley’s name and image has shifted from threatening legal action against Las Vegas chapels that perform Elvis weddings to offering them partnerships, The Las Vegas Review-Journal reported … Read more

Pixel 6 owners aren’t thrilled with Google’s overpriced, yellowing cases

Google Pixel 6 and 6 Pro users aren’t impressed with Google’s $30 first-party cases. Looking at Reddit and reviews on Amazon, there are dozens of people complaining about the transparent plastic showing extreme yellowing, warping, or just plain not fitting the phone from the factory. Some users have posted some gnarly-looking pictures of their cases, … Read more

Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrencies Aren’t Dead Just Yet

In 2008, the backing reserve was basically houses. In cryptocurrency, I’m quite serious about this, the backing reserve is gullibility. It sounds like you’re saying, one, crypto is all nonsense, but, two, the nonsense will continue indefinitely, because as long as you can invent money out of thin air, you can find a sucker to … Read more

​​Oceans Aren’t Just Warming—Their Soundscapes Are Transforming

Wander into nature and provides a superb shout, and solely close by birds, frogs, and squirrels will hear you. Though sensing noise is a vital survival technique for land animals, it’s a considerably restricted warning system, as sounds—save for one thing like a large volcanic explosion—don’t journey far in air. They propagate a lot better … Read more

Why aren’t VCs funding more startups focused on menopause? – TechCrunch

Lately, “fem tech” has attracted rising consideration and enterprise funding, with dozens of startups to springing into existence, from digital well being apps to, extra newly, regenerative medication corporations. Most of these offers tie to infertility, and it’s straightforward to understand why. Amongst U.S. girls ages 15 to 49 years with no prior births, 26% … Read more