Google’s new adventure game takes a top-down trip through ancient Mesoamerica

I love the cute characters in the game. | Screenshot by Jay Peters / The Verge Google’s Arts & Culture division has released a charming new educational game all about ancient Mesoamerica. The game, The Descent of the Serpentis available to play right now in your browser or via the Google Arts & Culture iOS … Read more

Fossilized Barf From 150 Million Years Ago Reveals Ancient Meal

Around 150 million years ago in what’s now Utah, an animal chowed down on a small frog and a salamander. It then lost its lunch. Fast forward to modern times, when a team of paleontologists identified and investigated the fossilized vomit, unraveling a mystery along the way. The researchers published a study on the puke … Read more

How Ancient Graves May Have Finally Revealed the Black Death’s Mysterious Origin

What’s happening Scientists used DNA analysis to discover where the black death originated. Why it matters For centuries historians have debated the bubonic plague’s origins, due to scattered archeological proof and a lack of concrete evidence. These findings may settle the debate. October 1347 — a fleet of 12 ships docked at the Sicilian port … Read more

Lidar exposes the remnants of an overgrown ancient civilization in the Amazon – TechCrunch

It’s Friday and the world is falling apart, so let’s just take a short mental health break with some interesting news out of the field of archaeology, where tech is enabling some fascinating new discoveries. A new lidar-powered analysis of land in the Amazon basin has provided evidence of a previously unknown urban center of … Read more

Mysterious Ancient Eggs Traced to ‘Demon Ducks of Doom’

Centuries ago, Earth was basically home to a mighty duck gang. Roaming our planet were giant birdlike creatures, larger than an average human and terrifying enough to leave a very hard-core legacy following their ultimate extinction. They’re known simply as the Demon Ducks of Doom. And these enormous animals definitely live up to their nickname. … Read more

AI helps historians full historical Greek inscriptions broken over millennia – TechCrunch

As if being a scholar in historical Greek wasn’t laborious sufficient essentially, the first texts they depend on are incessantly broken past restore, being as they’re 1000’s of years previous. Historians could have a robust new device in Ithaca, a machine studying mannequin constructed by DeepMind that makes surprisingly correct guesses at lacking phrases and … Read more