TL;DR: As of April 11, get the BirdBike e-Bike(Opens in a new tab) for $999.99 — That’s a 56% discount from its regular price of $2,299.

If you can’t get enough of spring, then an e-Bike could give you a chance for some fun in the sun on your way to work, to get groceries, or while you’re just out enjoying the sights and smells of the fresh blossoms. The BirdBike e-Bike is a fast, reliable electric bicycle(Opens in a new tab) that is on sale for just $999.99. That’s more than half off its regular MSRP of $2,299. 

Gear up for an e-Bike adventure 

Turn your errands into another fun way to get some exercise(Opens in a new tab). The BirdBike has a 500W motor, but you can also zip around on pedal power alone. Without any help from you, the BirdBike could ride up to 20 miles on a single charge, but that range gets all the way to 50 miles if you start pedaling, too. 

Make sure to keep an eye on your remaining battery and speed while you’re riding. The embedded LED dash display shows you your speed, battery, distance, and more in one easy-access interface. Do some math and see if you’re going to be pedaling home from Sam’s Club or zooming at up to 20 miles per hour. 

You may still want to use a lock when you park your e-Bike, but the BirdBike does have its own built-in security system. Activate it, and if someone tries to move your bike or even bumps it too hard, it’ll produce a 120-decibel alarm. That’s as loud as an entire rock concert(Opens in a new tab) or a thunderclap. 

The BirdBike may be pretty high-tech, but it’s also tough and can take some punishment. The aluminum alloy frame is light but sturdy, and you can ride through dirt and puddles if you’re ok with your shoes getting dirty. The whole bike is IP65+ dustproof and waterproof(Opens in a new tab), so it’s protected from jets of water, so just don’t take it swimming. 

Take an e-Bike tour of the season 

This season, your commuter e-bike could also be your new favorite exercise gadget.

Ride in style with the BirdBike eBike(Opens in a new tab) for the best price online, just $999.99 (reg. $2,299) for a limited time. 

Prices subject to change.


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