Road Fighter Magic: The Gathering Secret Lair Is Doing The World Warriors Justice

Final yr, Wizards of the Coast introduced a partnership with Capcom to launch a set of Universes Past Magic: The Gathering Playing cards primarily based on Road Fighter. Yesterday, your complete Secret Lair set was revealed, sporting eight mechanically new Magic playing cards representing the unique eight characters from Road Fighter II. Thankfully, all of them are flavorfully spot-on to their combating sport counterparts and look to be enjoyable additions to any Commander deck they will slot in.

Every card appears to be like to be lovingly crafted to imitate their combating fashion as finest as doable throughout the Magic ruleset. Ryu, is, in fact, all the time coaching and delivering devastating assaults, whereas Ken can put a bit additional fireplace onto his beefy assaults. Chun-Li using Multikicker is only a chef kiss design, and Dhalsim with attain and loads of card draw will management Commander video games like he controls Road Fighter matches. My favourite is E. Honda, who encourages your deck to go huge with creatures and may buff as much as 100 of them whereas attacking. It is all simply tremendous enjoyable stuff to mess around with in all of those new playing cards.

You possibly can see the entire Secret Lair set beneath:

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