This is one of those restocks where you’ll need to act fast, so we’ll just get to the point: The popular Pokémon Scarlet & Violet edition of the Nintendo Switch OLED is finally back in stock at the Nintendo Store. It sold out fast last time, so if you want one, we recommend grabbing one right now(Opens in a new tab).

Note that the new Pokémon games don’t come with the Switch — you’ll have to buy either Scarlet(Opens in a new tab) or Violet(Opens in a new tab) separately (annoying, we know). You’ll forget about that bothersome fact, though, once you see your brand-new Nintendo Switch OLED, complete with a gorgeous Pokémon Scarlet & Violet-themed design. It’s not just the console itself, either — the dock and Joy-Con controllers also feature custom artwork that you won’t see anywhere else.

Aside from aesthetics, this special edition Switch is part of Nintendo’s newest iteration of the handheld console. The Nintendo Switch OLED is the best the Switch has ever been, boasting serious upgrades in just about every area. For starters, you’ll get that beautiful new OLED screen that’ll deepen the visual fidelity of every game you boot up (it’s also bigger than the OG version). The OLED version also features increased battery life, more storage space, enhanced speakers, and an improved kickstand. If you already own a previous Switch model, it may be worth the upgrade, and if you don’t already own one, it’s a no-brainer.

Enough waxing poetic about the Nintendo Switch, it’s time to get your own — pick up the Pokémon Scarlet & Violet edition(Opens in a new tab) of the Nintendo Switch OLED at the Nintendo Store for $359.99.


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