With the arrival of Season 10 Rising Heroes in Pokemon GO, trainers worldwide will get to dip their toes in a season-long ticket-exclusive Timed Research called Willow’s Wardrobe. Not only will players get to unlock a special costume, but they will also encounter a Mythical Pokemon that knows a unique charged move.

The content roadmap for the month of March has already been revealed by the developers at Niantic on the official Twitter channel of Pokemon GO. While the first event to kick off the new season does not happen until the weekend, new Mega Raid and Five-Star Raid bosses are already arriving in-game around the world.

This article jots down all the available information regarding the tasks and rewards for the Willow’s Wardrobe Timed Research in Pokemon GO.

Everything you need to know about the Willow’s Wardrobe Timed Research in Pokemon GO Season 10 Rising Heroes

Once Season 10 Rising Heroes comes online in the player’s region, they will find the Willow’s Wardrobe Timed Research ticket that they will need in the in-game shop. The cost for the said ticket is $4.99 USD or the equivalent pricing in the player’s local currency.

As mentioned above, players will be able to unlock a Professor Willow-inspired new costume set with a variety of outfits. They will also be able to encounter the Mythical Pokemon Melmetal that has the Charged Attack Double Iron Bash learned. It was also revealed that Melmetal will be able to learn the same move from an Elite Charged TM in the future.

The tasks and rewards for the season-long Willow’s Wardrobe Timed Research are as follows:

Pokemon GO Willow’s Wardrobe Ticket-exclusive Timed Research

  • Catch 10 Pokemon – Professor Willow Goggles
  • Catch 20 Pokemon – Professor Willow Gloves
  • Catch 30 Pokemon – Professor Willow Pants
  • Catch 40 Pokemon – Professor Willow Jacket
  • Catch 50 Pokemon – Professor Willow Boots
  • Transfer 30 Pokemon – 25x Meltan Candy
  • Rewards: Melmetal encounter, 809 XP, 809x Stardust

Players must keep in mind that they will have to complete the entirety of the Timed Research along with all of its tasks by Thursday, June 1, 2023, to get their hands on all the rewards on offer.

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As mentioned earlier, Niantic recently announced the content roadmap for March 2023 in Pokemon GO. The event schedule for this month is as follows:

  • Catch Mastery Event – March 5
  • Festival of Colors Event – March 8 to March 14
  • Elite Raid – March 11
  • March Community Day – March 18
  • Let’s GO! + Team GO Rocket Takeover – March 21 to March 29
  • GO Battle Day: Palmer – March 25

Season 10 Rising Heroes begins on Wednesday, March 1, 2023, at 10:00 am local time. It will come to an end on Thursday, June 1, 2023, at 10:00 am local time.

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