To really appreciate how the Rocky franchise evolved over the years to become the Creed saga, you kind of have to watch the original Sylvester Stallone features in order. While it’s never been especially hard to stream the Rocky movies online, Pluto TV is about to make it much, much easier to see them all back-to-back.

Today, Pluto announced the impending arrival of Pluto TV Rocky, a new channel on the streaming platform that will air the first six Rocky movies — Rocky I–V and Rocky Balboa — on a continuous loop 24/7. Along with scheduled airings of the Rocky movies, Pluto’s users will be able to access each of the features on demand. Along with the Rocky channel, Pluto TV also announced in a press release that it will launch channels dedicated to WOW – Women of Wrestling and one dedicated to Sailor Moon anime that will feature hundreds of episodes from multiple series within the franchise.

Pluto TV Rocky as well as the WOW and Sailor Moon channels are all slated to hit Pluto TV on March 1st.


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