OnePlus 10 Pro is already getting its second OxygenOS 13 open beta

What you need to know

  • OnePlus begins its second open beta for OxygenOS 13 on its 10 Pro.
  • This open beta phase will work much like the first iteration a week ago, bringing in a host of changes.
  • OnePlus is also looking for 200 hundred beta testers in India to experiment with OxygenOS 13 on its 8 and 8 Pro phones.

OnePlus announces a second beta phase for OxygenOS 13 on the 10 Pro.

It hasn’t been a week since OnePlus allowed users into its first OxygenOS 13 beta test, and we’re already being treated to a second. Posted on the OnePlus Community Forums (opens in new tab)the beta begins today, and the company gave would-be testers some insight into the second open beta for its phone software.

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